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Mandukasana: Shilpa Shetty Recommends This Yoga Asana That May Help Combat Weakness

Mandukasana: The actress said that the pose plays a pivotal role in the healing process.

Mandukasana: Shilpa Shetty Recommends This Yoga Asana That May Help Combat Weakness

Mandukasana also known as frog pose can help deal with weakness


  1. Mandukasana may help relieve digestive issues
  2. You can perform this yoga pose to improve flexibility
  3. It can also help tome muscles of shoulders

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has taken a toll on our mental and physical health. With exercise routines and recreational activities taking a backseat, most of us are feeling a dip in energy levels. To fight against this bout of weakness, there are some simple exercises and yoga poses that you practice at home. This is what Shilpa Shetty Kundra has explained in her latest social media post. In it, she wrote, “To support all kinds of healing processes, the main source of energy comes from the core of our being.” The actress has suggested performing the Mandukasana to help with the healing process.

Mandukasana: Here's why you should be practicing this yoga pose

Shilpa added, “So, the Mandukasana is a very important asana as it focuses on your navel centre, which also happens to be your life-force centre called the second brain. It has the ability to give you the energy to combat all weaknesses. That's why they say, “Go with your gut feeling”.” 

Explaining the relevance of the asana in the current situation, she said, “In difficult times like these, we need to focus on ourselves; so we can dispel all negativity and bring in positive energy to the centre of our core chakra called the ‘Manipura chakra'.”

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Explaining how to perform the asana, the actress said, “Take in a deep breath and exhale while going down, stretching the spine and pressing on the navel. You will feel the energy flow to your solar plexus. Focusing on your navel will help you open your mind and reduce blood sugar levels as it works on the pancreas. It also helps improve the flexibility and mobility of the knee & ankle joints.” She further explained that the frog pose helps reduce fat from thighs, belly, and hips.

However, Shilpa has advised people with issues such as pain in the knees, ankles, and back to avoid this asana.

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You can watch the demonstration here: 

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Previously, the actress had also shared an asana that would help “keep the muscles and joints flexible and agile, while tending to our immunity.” In a video, Shilpa chose to perform the Gatyatmak Utthita Padahastasana, followed by the Naukasana. “This flow helps build core strength, stretches the hamstring, tones the abs muscles, and strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders, and thighs,” she wrote in the caption.

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