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Experiencing Gas And Bloating? Try These Three Yoga Poses For Relief

Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a video of the Yoga demonstration on her social media accounts. Watch these here and get rid of gas and bloating.

Experiencing Gas And Bloating? Try These Three Yoga Poses For Relief

Some yoga poses can help you get rid of gas and other digestive issues


  1. Gas and bloating can cause discomfort
  2. Staying physically active can help you keep digestion healthy
  3. Also drink optimum amount of water for better digestion

With curfews and partial lockdowns in various parts of the country, workouts, morning walks, and runs have taken a backseat. Most of us have returned to the work-from-home mode and there are chances that we will be spending prolonged hours in a stationary state. This, according to celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, can take a toll on the body and affect a variety of functions. In a video shared on Facebook and Instagram, Rujuta demonstrated three asanas that will help tackle the issues of gas and bloating.

In the video Rujuta performs three poses that can help you avoid digestive issues and allow you to sit without discomfort. The nutritionist further added that these asanas are also effective for people working from home, and those with knee pain and migraines.

Three yoga poses for gas and bloating

You can watch the video here:

1. Viparita karani

Rujuta performed the postures against the support of a wall and advised viewers to go about the asanas gently. While performing this asana, make sure your shoulders are climbing down towards the wall.

The first exercise, she said, would help with rest and recovery. It increases the blood flow in the upper body and is beneficial for those suffering from migraine. It will also help reduce gas and bloating. "It is also good for your heart and lungs," she added.

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2. Stay in the first pose and gently move your legs apart as far as you can go comfortably. It can help strengthen the legs. This pose works on your inner and outer thigh. It will give you relief from gas, bloating, knee pain and lower back pain.

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3. The third one, according to Rujuta, would help in digestive issues. It will allow you to sit for longer while offering prayers.

Try these poses at home and get rid of gas and bloating.

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