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Vitamin D Overdose Can Lead To These Side Effects; Know How Much You Should Consume In A Day

Vitamin D is extremely essential for your bone health. It helps in the absorption of calcium from the diet consumed. Overdose vitamin D is also linked with several health issues. Know how much you should consume in a day.

Vitamin D Overdose Can Lead To These Side Effects; Know How Much You Should Consume In A Day

Vitamin D overdose is linked with several health issues


  1. Vitamin D can help you maintain healthy bones
  2. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D
  3. It can also help in treating depression symptoms

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin is extremely important for the human body. It is responsible for various functions. Just like calcium you should consume enough amount of vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D can also boost your mental health and boost your mood. Overdose of vitamin D can also be linked with several health issues. It is extremely important to consume each nutrient in the right quantity. Both deficiency and overdose are linked with health issues. If you are taking vitamin D supplements, it is extremely important to check the right amount.

Vitamin D: Side effects of overdose and how much vitamin D you should consume in a day

Dr. Monica Goel explains, "Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and metabolism. It helps in keeping the bones healthy. An average requirement of an individual per day is 400 to 800 units and in terms of consumption it is 15 micrograms daily."

"But everything needs to be consumed in required proportions. Toxicity can occur due to excess intake of Vitamin D in the form of supplements."

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According to Dr. Goel the side effects of excess consumption can be:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Renal stones
  • Dehydration
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling of fatigue

The above symptoms may occur due to an excess level of calcium in the blood as well.


Vitamin D: You may experience headache due to vitamin D overdose
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Vitamin D sources

Vitamin D is also called the sunshine vitamin as sun is the best source of this vitamin. Your body produces vitamin D when it is exposed to vitamin D. There are some foods sources of vitamin D as well including mushroom, salmon, cod liver oil, egg yolk, tuna and orange juice.


Add more foods rich in vitamin D to your diet
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If you experience symptoms vitamin D deficiency you can seek medical advice. If your levels are too low, doctor may advise supplements. Take supplements as advised by your doctor.

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(Dr. Monica Goel, Consultant Physician, P.D Hinduja Hospital & MRC)

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