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Valentine's Day: 8 Best Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones To Show You Really Care

Valentine's day can be considered as a great opportunity to plan a getaway, especially if you have a stressful job and ever-busy schedule. Know other interesting gift ideas for your significant other on this day of celebrating love.

Valentines Day: 8 Best Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones To Show You Really Care

Valentine's Day: A fitness tracker can be a perfect healthy gift for your partner


  1. A gym membership makes for a perfect Valentine's day gift
  2. Gift him/her running shoes for promoting running
  3. A weekend getaway can be a stress-busting gift for your loved one

It's Valentine's Day 2023. Every year, we all try to convey love to our special one in unique ways so as to make memories that can last a lifetime. We're pretty sure that you care about the health of your loved one, even more than you care about yourself. So, why not give your partner the gift of good health this Valentin's day! After all, it is the most romantic day to tell your partner that you care about him/her and their health and well-being is what matters to you the most.

This Valentine's Day, we share a few heathy gift ideas for your loved ones. They are going to be the perfect way to say that you care!

Valentine's Day 2023: Best gift ideas for your loved one to show you really care

1. Gym membership

A gym membership is an investment that many people think before making. More than spending money, buying a gym membership is also about committing to exercising for a year or six months, etc. On this day of celebrating love, get a gym membership for yourself and your partner. It will encourage the two of you to do something together. All you have to work on is motivating each other every day to go to the gym every day for minimum half an hour.


A gym membership can make for a great gift on Valentine's Day
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2. A trip

Valentine's day can be considered as a great opportunity to plan a getaway, especially if you have a stressful job and ever-busy schedule. Something as short as a weekend getaway can do wonders for your mental health and even your relationship. Stress is the worst enemy of your health. Being chronically stressed can make you gain weight, result in hormonal imbalance, cause sleep disturbance and much more. If you feel too stressed lately, just book tickets for a trip. Your partner will not be able to say no this, we bet!

3. A fitness tracker

This gift can especially be helpful if your partner is on the lazier side. Along with a fitness tracker, you can also gift a planner in which your partner can note daily exercise routine, meal prepping ideas, etc. Keeping a track of the number of steps walked or heart rate etc can actually motivate one to give up and be on-the-go!


A fitness tracker can motivate your partner to take the path of fitness
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4. Running shoes

Here's another low-investment gifting idea for Valentine's Day. If buying a gym membership for the two of you gets a little heavy on your pocket, you can simply invest in good running shoes. Going for a run with your partner every day can be on your to-do list. All you need is half-an-hour. Running is one exercise which can reduce stress, improve cardio-respiratory fitness, heart health, blood pressure, stamina and mood. Also, going for a run together is a great excuse to meet regularly, isn't it?!

5. A foam roller

A foam roller is an equipment that is required for recovery. Doing Recovery routines are important when you get sore muscles. Recovery includes a certain number of stretching exercises and some exercises on the foam roller. Spending some time in a recovery session after your workout can help in increasing your blood circulation. If your partner is a gym enthusiast, then a foam roller can be a perfect gift.

6. Infuser water bottles

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal recommends this gift for not just encouraging your partner to drink sufficient water and stay hydrated, but also ditch plastic bottles that are not environment-friendly. An infuser water bottle can be of glass of stainless steel. "Freshly cut fruit slices and herbs can be infused in the water," Agarwal recommends while adding that it will also give a fair dose of antioxidants to your loved ones.

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7. Nutty trail mix

Snacking is that one meal that turns out to be the least healthy for many of us. Why not replace harmful, fried snacks with a pack of homemade nutty trail mix? This won't require many efforts. All you need to do is throw in some nuts like walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews with some seeds like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and melon seeds and put them in an airtight container. "Don't forget to add a note of love along!" Agarwal says.


This Valentine's Day, gift a nuts and seeds trail mix to your partner to promote healthy snacking
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8. Portable blenders

There are so many portable, battery-operated blenders available in the market. They reduce the hassles of making a perfect smoothie to a bare minimum. "A lot of us are in a rush for breakfast and that is when these blenders can come really handy. Why not add a healthy smoothie recipe book along to ensure it becomes a perfect match," says Agarwal.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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