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Valentine's Day 2022: Here Are 5 Health Promises Every Couple Must Make Today

This Valentine's Day, make these health promises and follow them not just today, but throughout the year

Valentines Day 2022: Here Are 5 Health Promises Every Couple Must Make Today

This Valentine's Day adopt a healthy lifestyle together

We all have come across innumerable websites that have advice on things couples could do or should do to keep the spark in a relationship alive. While some are genuinely interesting to read, others are just mushy and overly romanticised, and not something that couples could relate to. Still, there are things out there that only you and your partner can understand and relate to. One of those things is resolving to not just spend more time together, but adopting a healthy lifestyle as well. Because when you lead a healthy lifestyle, your body remains healthy, and your mind stays intuitive and fresh.

On Valentine's Day, celebrated every year February 14, here are 5 health promises that you and your partner could make so that you live a healthy life to its full extent.

1) Prioritise mental health

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the physical as well as mental health of many people. So, it's important to realise how critical mental wellbeing is. Meditating regularly can help with this. Even spending time with each other, regardless of how busy you are, can go a long way in ensuring mental wellbeing.

2) Eat healthy always

A balanced diet is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind. The body receives all its essential nutrients from a diet that includes healthy meals at regular intervals. Fresh foods will provide your body with more energy to work with and keep your mind alert. So, ensure that both you and your partner make a resolution to consume all that's healthy and nutritious.

3) Exercise daily

Turning your partner into a workout partner can be very beneficial. You can get pep talks from someone who knows you. Second, you can focus more and work out better together, because, as humans, we are wired to attempt to be the best version of ourselves in front of our partners. Third, it's also another way of spending more time together.

4) Maintain a sleep schedule

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, even on weekends, keeps the body's internal clock on track and can make it easier to fall asleep and wake up. Even if something comes in the way of your or your partner's ideal sleep regimen, help each other to make a few modest tweaks and improve the sleep cycle.

5) Encourage each other to sit less and move more

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Sitting at a stretch for long periods of time can be harmful to one's health. So, if you or your partner lead a sedentary lifestyle, ensure that you encourage each other to sit less and perform tasks that involve some kind of movement. It could be a 10-minute walk during lunch or just getting up and walking for 5 minutes every hour if you have a desk job that involves extended periods of sitting.


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