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Top 5 Reasons Why It Burns When You Pee

These reasons can be blamed for a burning sensation while peeing.

Top 5 Reasons Why It Burns When You Pee

Here's what a burning sensation while peeing can mean


  1. A UTI is one of the most common causes of painful urination
  2. The female genital is self-cleaning and self-lubricating
  3. Burning sensation when you pee can be indicative of a yeast infection

Does peeing feel like you are discharging a hellfire from your urethra? Check with a doctor soon!

A Burning sensation while peeing can be pretty distressful. Out of the few things that should happen while you pee, crying of the pain is surely not one. Thankfully your ob-gyn has a solution for it. We have lined up the top 5 reasons why it burns while you pee:

1. Urinary tract infection (UTI)

A UTI is one of the most common causes of painful urination. It happens when germs enter your body through the urethra and cause an infection. Bacteria living in your urinary tract can cause inflammation in the surrounding tissues which can lead to pain and a burning sensation. Drink lots of water to get rid of UTIs and check with a doctor.

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2. Unnecessary use of feminine hygiene products

If you feel that it is very dirty down there and you need to wash it with some feminine hygiene product regularly, you are mistaken. The vagina is self-cleaning and self-lubricating. Interfering with it by using all sorts of hygiene products can lead to infections and cause pain while urinating.

3. Presence of a sexually transmitted disease (STD)

Other than the many symptoms of such diseases, STDs like Herpes can cause sores in your mouth and genitals.

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4. Yeast infection

A strange burning sensation when you pee can be indicative of a yeast infection. When an overall development of yeast takes place all around your vagina, it can lead to serious infections causing pain and burn while urination and stinky thick discharge.

5. Reproductive problems

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These refer to stages in a woman's life like menopause. There a number of changes which take place in the vaginal tissue after menopause, this can lead to irritation and pain while urinating.

In case you are experiencing pain during urination, it is important to check with a doctor. Drinking water is important to flush out all the infections from the body. Nevertheless, an expert opinion is essential. 


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