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Top 5 Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Away

Hair health: To ensure good hair health you need to stop believing in hair related myths. Here are some popular hair myth busted for you. Also, know tips to ensure better hair health.

Top 5 Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Away

Know top myths associated with hair health


  1. Comb your hair only when necessary
  2. You should not wash your hair daily
  3. Know some myths associated with hair health

You might have heard some of the popular hair myths before like "if we pull off one grey hair from your head then three more will come out" or "the problem of hair loss usually comes from the mother's side of the family." But you must know the truth behind some hair myths. Know what exactly makes your hair oily or turn grey and also the truth behind the common hair myths that you usually hear and believe. Also, how to take the best care of your hair.

Busted! Top hair myths

1. Myth: Bad hygiene is the only cause of flakes on your scalp

Truth: Generally, if anyone spots a flake or two, they have a perception that the person doesn't wash the hair. The flakes in your hair might be unwashed hair conditioner or at times can even be hair serum which has dried on hair. Seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff too appears as flakes due to seasonal changes. Severe flakes could be due to scalp psoriasis.


There can several possible reasons behind dandruff
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2. Myth: Stress turns your hair grey

Truth: Stress can generate oxidative stress within body which can damage the pigment cells in the hair but it doesn't mean stress alone turns your hair grey. There are a lot of different reasons such as genetics, vitamin deficiency, thyroid disorders, harsh chemicals which can turn your hair grey.

3. Myth: Trimming your hair makes it grow quicker

Truth: This point may attract you the most and you'll definitely want to read it again. It may sound silly but many believe that trimming your hair every four to six months makes it grow quicker. The reality is a bit different, as the hair growth takes place from within the scalp and not the tip of the hair. But cutting your hair from tip or even trimming your split ends will definitely make your hair look healthier and bring a lot of volume to it.

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4. Myth: Oily hair should be washed every day

Truth: Oil production on scalp is because of scalp oil gland activity, no matter how many times you wash, the oil gland activity is not going to reduce, washing every alternate day can definitely help to reduce the greasy or oily look.


Hair health: Do not wash your hair daily
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5. Myth: Comb more for healthier hair

Truth: Since childhood you might have heard tales about combing the hair 100 times but that was perhaps just to make sure that you comb our hair more often. But the fact is a bit different than what you really think as unnecessary combing of hair cause breakage and to be more particular wet hair. Keep in mind, not to brush your hair just after hair wash. Let your hair dry fully and then comb it. And to shield your hair every time start brushing your hair from bottom and then go up to the scalp.

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Everyone has different hair textures and types. Therefore, please let all the myths pass away and stop believing them. If you have any confusion or need any suggestion contact your dermatologists and know the actual reason behind your problem!

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(Dr. Niranjana Raj, MBBS MD Skin, VD & Leprosy, FRGUHS, Dermatologist, Dermatosurgeon Joint Managing director - YCDC)

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