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Tips And Tricks That Will Make Waking Up And Working Out On Winter Mornings Easier

Waking up to workout on winter mornings is way more difficult than it sounds. Here are a few tricks that could make it a little easier.

Tips And Tricks That Will Make Waking Up And Working Out On Winter Mornings Easier

Planning in advance makes it easier to workout on winter mornings


  1. Going to bed early in night makes it easier to wake up early in morning
  2. Switching on the lights is helpful in waking up on chilly winter morning
  3. Do not give yourself excuses to not wake up on time

Ah! It is that time of the year again...warm and cosy blankets, hot coffee and chilly breeze outside. Such winter mornings are probably the ones which have made you pass through the entire summer. But the grass is way greener this side, as the other side calls for a refreshing morning walk or an energising workout at the gym. It is actually not easy to leave the bed, remove the blanket and get all cold. But you have fewer options because morning might be the only time you have for exercising.

So here are a few tips and tricks that will make waking up in winter mornings way easier than you thought:

Early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise

Well said, isn't it? The primary reason why it is difficult to wake up in morning is that we spend way too much time in binge watching or social media surfing every night before getting to bed. Put an alarm for your sleep time so that you get sufficient 8 hours of sleep. You will feel fresher in the morning and it will be easier to get out of bed.

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Prepare breakfast at night

This trick will help you save breakfast preparation time in the morning. Plan a night in advance and either keep the raw materials in place, like chopped or boiled vegetables, so that in the morning you just need the time to eat.

Start with a mindful activity

Try not waking up in a panicky state thinking about how less time you have before you have to leave for work. Give yourself 15 minutes to indulge in mindful activities like stretching, meditating, or having a warm cup of green or ginger, lemon and honey tea. Such activities promote oxytocin and serotonin release, which helps us have a great mood all day.

Light up

Another reason it gets difficult to leave bed in morning is because we tend to avoid switching on the lights. Set up an illuminating alarm or switch on the side lamp. It works better than those 20 alarms you put for every morning.

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Think about how you would feel afterwards

Mostly, we think how good it would be if we get to stay in the bed for another 15 minutes, or may be an hour! Instead, try and think about the positivity and energy you would feel after a good morning run. Especially in winter, when mornings are even chillier, less crowded and less polluted, imagine how it would feel to breathe that fresh air. Good motivators, aren't they?

Splash your face with cold water

Sounds a little thrilling and daring, definitely! But apart from feeling extremely energised and refreshed, washing your face with cold water will also take away all the drowsiness you keep feeling even after you brush your teeth.

Tell yourself and make it a habit

Never give in to excuses like it's a weekend so you might have time to work out in evening, or if you're on a vacation then it is not necessary to wake up in the morning. Try inculcating waking up early in the morning and working out in your routine, and things will be much easier after that. 

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