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This Is The Best Time To Drink Coffee As Per Expert

Do you drink coffee as first thing in the morning? Well, that might not be the best time to drink coffee. Read here to know when you should.

This Is The Best Time To Drink Coffee As Per Expert

Drinking coffee at night can lead difficulty in sleeping


  1. Coffee if consumed in excess can harm your health
  2. Drinking too much coffee can lead to sleepless at night
  3. Too much coffee can leave your body dehydrated

Coffee is a drink that provides you with a boost of energy, making us feel awake and even at times, helps us improve our short and long-term memory. Many love to drink coffee and are almost addicted to their cup of coffee. However, it can have adverse effects on our health as in daily life, if not paid attention to the intake. Drinking too many cups a day also loads up your system with caffeine. Excess caffeine consumption is linked to multiple health issues. Here are some tips you should follow to enjoy your cup of coffee safely.

What is the best time to drink coffee?

If your morning routine involves getting into the kitchen and brewing a cup of coffee, you may not be getting the benefits you expect. The reason is the levels of cortisol in your body should be the highest in the morning. Caffeine can interfere with the production of cortisol, which is known to keep us awake and feel energetic.

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Drinking coffee at the same time when the cortisol levels are high, tells your body not to produce as much, meaning you'll wind up relying more on caffeine as the day progresses. When cortisol dips between 10 a.m., to get the most out of your caffeine consumption, drink coffee during that period or at midday.


You should not drink coffee as first thing in the morning
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The best thing to do is to go small with each intake of coffee. Caffeine peaks in the bloodstream within a half-hour to an hour of drinking it and can stay elevated for hours afterwards. So, the best is to stick to a 2 ounce serving each time.

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Don't drink the last cup of coffee very late in the day. There's evidence that caffeine can interfere with your ability to sleep as long as six hours after your last cup. Everyone is different, so you may want to take care of how late in the day you pour your final cup if you are a major coffee drinker and you find that you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping restfully.

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Last but not the least, sip your coffee slowly and avoid adding sugar to your coffee.

(Ms. Preety Tyagi is a Lead Health Coach, Nutritionist and Founder of My22BMI)

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