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Surprising Ill-Effects Of Sleep Deprivation; Know Tips To For A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep deprivation is extremely harmful for your overall health. If you are not able to sleep properly, here are some bad effects of improper sleep you must know. Also know tips to ensure better sleep at night.

Surprising Ill-Effects Of Sleep Deprivation; Know Tips To For A Good Nights Sleep

Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of several diseases


  1. Proper sleep is essential for your overall health
  2. Lack of sleep causes tiredness and fatigue
  3. A healthy diet can ensure better sleep

Are you not able to sleep properly? Is this causing fatigue and excessive tiredness? Work pressure, deadlines, poor lifestyle and bad eating habits are some of the contributors to improper sleeping pattern. Inadequate sleep is a common problem these days. From teenagers to adults all age groups are suffering from improper sleeping pattern. Not just tiredness or irritability lack of sleep puts you at a risk of various health issues. If you not able to sleep properly you must find some ways to ensure a good night's sleep. Here are some surprising ill-effects of inadequate sleep which you must know.

Bad effects of sleep deprivation

1. Increases the risk of serious health conditions

Lack of sleep pits you at a higher risk of several chronic diseases especially heart diseases. Sleep deprivation can put you at a higher risk of heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and stroke. In order to avoid these conditions you must ensure enough sleep.

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2. Depression

Lack of sleep can take a toll on your mental health as well. It can also contribute to symptoms of depression. People who sleep less at night have higher chances of getting depressed or may experience some symptoms of depression. Sleep deprivation and depression are interrelated. Depression also causes sleep deprivation and vice versa.


Sleeping pattern and depression are interrelated
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3. Makes your skin age faster

If you do not sleep properly at night you are more likely to be stressed. It disturbs various hormones inside your body and contributes to stress. Stress further makes your skin age faster. You may notice some early signs of ageing on your skin.

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4. Weight gain

Improper sleeping pattern can stimulate hunger hormone which can make you eat more and contribute to weight gain. It also reduces the hormone which promotes fullness. These factors contribute to weight gain. If not treated on time it can also lead to obesity.

Tips to ensure a good night's sleep

  1. Fix a sleeping schedule to develop a habit
  2. Keep all the distractions away especially your phone
  3. Eat a healthy diet throughout the day
  4. Do not consume caffeine few hours before bed time
  5. Avoid naps during the day
  6. Limit your alcohol consumption
  7. Exercise regularly
  8. Try to stay stress free

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