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Sukhasana Benefits: Rujuta Diwekar Tells Why You Must Eat Your Meals In Sukhasana

Sukhasana benefits: Sukhasana is known to be a relaxing yoga pose. Rujuta Diwekar recommends that you must eat at least one meal in a day while sitting in sukhasana. Read here to know why.

Sukhasana Benefits: Rujuta Diwekar Tells Why You Must Eat Your Meals In Sukhasana

Benefits of sukhasana: It enables blood flow to the stomach, enabling better assimilation of nutrients


  1. Eating meals in sukhasana can be good for your posture
  2. It improves attentiveness and prevents overeating
  3. It enables better assimilation of nutrients from the foods you eat

Sukhasana benefits: Have you ever paid attention to how you sit while eating? On a busy day at work, you might be having your meals while walking here or there, at the car, or at your desk with multiple distractions. According to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, you should be having your meal while focusing only on your meals, without any distractions like TV, mobile phone, newspaper or a book. Also, every day you must have at least one meal while sitting in sukhasana. In one of her recent posts on social media, she writes, "Just sit down first. Heard that before? Anytime you want to share anything serious or life changing, you are asked to first sit down. Which is why prayers/ meditation are done seated."

As part of this week's guideline for her ongoing Fitness Project 2020, Rujuta asks everyone to have at least one meal in a day in the traditional cross-legged posture or sukhasana.


Rujuta says that for everything that impacts us (like meditation or prayer), we are asked to sit down
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Sukhasana benefits: Importance of eating at least one meal while sitting down in sukhasana

As we get older, we tend to lose our mobility, stability and find it difficult to eat while sitting down cross-legged. This in turn slows down digestion, causes weight gain, and this in turn makes it even more difficult to sit down and eat. This vicious continues until you make efforts to break it.

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Benefits of sitting cross-legged or in sukhasana

Sitting and eating in sukhasana is something that has been traditionally done in India. This tradition, however, has sadly faded with time. Every time you are doing something that is going to impact your life (few instances mentioned above), you need to sit down.

1. Sitting in sukhasana is important as the spine aligns itself and your shoulders naturally come in the perfect position. This is very good for posture.

2. Sukhasana improves your focus. This is because of the posture it naturally puts you into. It automatically makes you more attentive to anything that you are about to do. So, eating in sukhasana makes you more attentive to the act of eating. This helps in reducing your chances of overeating.

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3. Sukhasana enables blood flow to the stomach. This facilitates better digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Your Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, haemoglobin, etc are going to be improved as you will be able to absorb all nutrients from the food that you eat. "At least 2 billion people in the world have a micronutrient deficiency," says Rujuta while adding that better digestion and assimilation of nutrients can be a task, and sitting in sukhasana while eating can be helpful in serving this purpose.

4. Sitting in cross-legged posture is good for body's mobility, flexibility, stability and strength of your lower body.

How to sit in sukhasana?

Week 1: Sit in sukhasana even when you or sitting on dining table. Try to do this for only one meal every day,

Week 2: Change the cross of leg.

Week 3: Eat one meal of the day while sitting on the floor.

Week 4: Change the cross of your leg as you eat sitting on the floor.

Week 5: Work towards building this habit slowly and sit down for as many meals as you can.

Eating while sitting in sukhasana is a small effort done daily which can help you build fitness. "In fact, fitness science recognises the benefits of sitting down. They have a sitting and rising test, which is the predictor of your lifespan and for how long you are going to lead an active life," says Rujuta.


Sitting in sukhasana improves your attentiveness and focus while eating
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Sitting and rising test

Step 1: Stand up and sit down.

Step 2: Work towards getting up without holding anything, without touching your knee dow or taking support of any kind.

Step 3: Repeat again by changing the cross of your leg.

(Rujuta Diwekar is a nutritionist based in Mumbai)

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