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Suffering From Sinusitis? Follow These Tips To Prevent Pain And Congestion This Winter

You won't feel so good if you get a sinus infection. Many people may notice that their sinusitis problem flares up in winter, and are desperate to seek immediate relief from the pain. Here are some factors that can aggravate your sinusitis and know what you can do about it.

Suffering From Sinusitis? Follow These Tips To Prevent Pain And Congestion This Winter

Symptoms of sinus infection are similar to common cold


  1. Sinusitis symptoms may become worse in winter season
  2. Stay hydrated to prevent congestion
  3. Take enough rest to recover quickly

Sinusitis can be described as the infection or even inflammation of the sinuses that are the air chambers present in the bone behind one's cheeks, jaws, and even eyebrows. Usually, one's sinuses tend to fill with air but once you have a cold then the sinuses can get blocked and filled with fluid. Yes, that's right! Thus, you should be able to differentiate between cold and sinusitis to be able to get the right kind of treatment. If you have a cold then your symptoms may last for about 5 days. But, when you have a sinusitis infection then the symptoms may be seen for over 10 days. If you have sinusitis then you will exhibit symptoms such as headaches, pain around your face and jaw, bad breath, excruciating pain in the upper teeth, and even nasal discharge that is colored.

There are a few factors like dry air, pollens, dust, allergy, fragrances, carpets, and rugs that are not clean for a longer time; pet dander and even eating cold stuff can aggravate the condition. Thus, one will have to adhere to these vital tricks to manage his/her sinusitis problem during those chilly days.

Do not forget to follow these foolproof tips

Clean your house often: If you haven't cleaned your house properly then do that on an immediate basis. It is possible to have clear air in the house in order to help you to breathe properly. Your entire respiratory system will be able to function properly if the air in the house is clean. The air should be pollen and dust free and there should be no molds or even dust mites. You will have to clean your AC from time to time. Clean the dust particles lodged in the AC from time to time. Vacuum your house on a weekly basis.

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Clean your house more often to control indoor pollution
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Stay away from sick people: You will have to avoid coming in contact with people who are sick. Remember to wash your hands often with the help of soap and water.

Stay hydrated: You will have to fuel yourself with water in order to stay hydrated and provide that much-needed lubrication for your throat. You will have to cut down on alcohol and caffeine in order to avoid getting dehydrated.

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Sleep well: You will have to provide energy to your immune system by getting a good night's sleep. Sleep for a minimum of 8 hours. Moreover, you will also have to take it easy and avoid stressing at work.

Avoid harsh fumes and fragrances: You will have to make sure that you do not expose yourself to chemicals, cigarette smoking or even fragrances that can worsen your sinusitis problem. Avoid those factors that will invite allergies.

(Dr Sanjiv Dang, ENT, Apollo Spectra Delhi, Karol Bagh)

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