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Smartphone Addiction: All The Ways How Excessive Use Of Smartphones Is Harming You

Smartphone addiction: Did you know that being glued to your phone all the time can affect your posture, vision and overall work performance? Read here to know all the ways how being addicted to your smartphone is affecting your health.

Smartphone Addiction: All The Ways How Excessive Use Of Smartphones Is Harming You

Excessive use of smartphone can cause disturbed sleep


  1. Smartphone addiction can cause stress and anxiety
  2. It can reduce your self esteem
  3. It can affect your work and exercise performance

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Studies have found that people in the age group of 18 to 44 spend at least two hours in a day communication through text or social media on the phone. The said study also mentions that almost 80% of the people check their phones every 15 minutes in the hope of getting a text, drawn by the curiosity of who's contacting them, or even just boredom. Addiction to your smartphone can result in negative behaviours like anxiety, impatience, stress, irritability, repeatedly interrupting social or professional situations, forgetfulness, lack of productivity of being unable to engage in fruitful activities.

Ways how smartphone addiction is harming you

Constant access to information and excessive use of social media increases curiosity and makes it difficult for one to stay away from gadgets for too long. Obsessive use of cell phones can make one exhausted at an emotional level, leading to fatigue and confusion. Read here to know other ways how excessive use of smartphone is harming your health:

1. Disturbed sleep

Smartphones impart something known as a short-wavelength light. Studies have found that long periods of exposure to this kind of light can lead to sleep irregularities, short duration sleep and delayed sleep. Sleeping well on a daily basis is important to stay healthy, feel fit, fresh and energetic, devoid of mood swings. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho is of the belief that being sleep deprived for even one day puts you in sleep debt.


Excessive use of smartphone can cause sleep disturbance
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2. Causes stress

Coutinho has often run several 'social media detox' challenges online, and has reported tremendous results from it in terms of better sleep, less stress, anxiety and depression. Excessive use of smartphone also involves excessive use of social media, in which you are constantly seeing what other people are doing. This leads to comparisons and causes unnecessary stress. All of this can result in low self-esteem and depression, which come with dependency on smartphones.

3. Affects performance

Constant use of smartphone interrupts your schedule and affects your performance. It makes a person lose focus and concentration and directly affects your work and even exercise routine.

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4. Worsens posture and may cause breathing problems

Using smartphones typically involves you having a forward next posture. In the long run, this can cause injury to the structure of cervical and lumbar spine as well as the ligaments. This results in a change in the formation of biochemicals of the rib cage-which consists of lungs. This is the reason why poor posture has been linked to breathing problems.

5. Irritation and dryness in eyes

Excessive smartphone use can strain your vision and cause dryness, redness and irritation in your eyes. Digital eye strain can result in myopia or near-sightedness, especially people who read books or long texts on their phones.


Smartphone addiction can cause dryness and redness in eyes
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(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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