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Debunked, Popular Myths About Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep myths: Proper sleep is extremely important for your overall health. Many don't know about the importance of proper sleep. Here are some facts about sleep you must know.

Debunked, Popular Myths About Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Proper sleep is extremely important for your overall health


  1. A good night's sleep is extremely important for your health
  2. Poor sleeping pattern can increase the risk of heart diseases
  3. Drinking alcohol before bed will not ensure a good night's sleep

Proper sleep is extremely important for your health. Just like a healthy diet and weight you need to ensure proper sleeping patterns for healthy functioning of your body. Improper sleep can make you feel lazy and tired the next day. Not only this, lack of sleep can lead to an increased risk of serious health issues like heart attack, diabetes, obesity and premature mortality. There are several myths about sleep like the right amount of sleep, best time to sleep and many more. Many ignore the importance of proper sleep and fall for various myths linked with it. Here are some common myths you must know.

Top myths about sleep you need to know

1. It is okay to sleep for a few hours

You need an adequate amount of sleep for both mental and physical health. The number of hours depends on your age. It is advised to sleep for 7-9 hours a day for proper health. Adequate sleep helps your body repair muscles, keeps your mind calm and keeps you energetic throughout the day. Also, better sleep enhances your immunity as well. Sleep deprivation also increases the risk of several serious health issues.

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2. Insomnia is no big deal

Many people do not focus on their sleeping problems and become a victim of insomnia. Due to insomnia or insomnia, you may suffer from poor performance, sleepiness at work and poor mood. If you think you have sleep-related problems, see your doctor.


Improper sleep can make you consume more calories resulting in weight gain
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3. Alcohol before bed can improve sleep

Drinking alcohol before bed is not good for your health in various ways. It may even lead to sleep apnea or can make it worse. It can also make you feel worse the next day as well.

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4. It is okay to sleep at any time

You should maintain a proper sleeping pattern to keep time into consideration. People who work in shifts have a disturbed sleeping pattern which can affect their health in various ways. You must develop a healthy sleeping pattern at night and also encourage your kids for the same.

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