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5 Smartphone Rules Every Parent Must Set For Their Kids

Here are the 5 smartphone rules every parent must set for their kids.

5 Smartphone Rules Every Parent Must Set For Their Kids

The ground rules should include them answering your phone every time and not putting it on silent


  1. Educate your kids about the fair use of mobile phones
  2. Restrict cellphone use at night
  3. Ensure that they do out give out personal details on the web

Cell phones have become an undeniable part of our lives, so much that we cannot even imagine living without them anymore. Whether it is for entertainment, socializing, business or shopping, everything has become easily accessible with the advancement of cell phones. Mobile phones have taken the world by storm and kids are no exception to it. As parents, we all want the best for our kids, we want to provide them with the opportunity to grow to their best abilities and mobile phones provides an easy access to learning and keeping in touch with your kids, all at the same time. But as much as it takes our worries away, there are almost double the responsibilities and worries that come along with handing a cell phone to your little one.

Of course, they are great learning tools, but it is important to let your child know the value of it and also how to make the best and wise use of it. For that, certain ground rules should be made and followed in the household to maintain the fair and safe use of the cell phone so that it doesn't become harmful to your kid's health and life.

Here are the 5 smartphone rules every parent must set for their kids:

1. No use of cell phones at night

It is very important to let your child know the value of the phone and the time in which he/she can use it. Especially at night, it is important for your child to get a good night's sleep and cell phones can be a hindrance to that. Therefore, it is important to put the phones away for the night. The best way to follow this rule is to ensure that the phone is out of their room and into a common place where you can keep an eye on it. For your child to follow this and not complain and rebel against it, it is best if all the family members follow this rule. This will make it easier for your child to follow in.

2. No cell phones during family meals and get togethers

As much as it is important for your child to be in contact with his/her friends, it is much more important to teach that it is best to live in the real world and not through digital screens. This rule will not only keep your child from being addicted to the phone but also will enable you all to have a good family time, which is as important. Of course, your child can feel that he is missing out on his friends but it is best to be patient with kids and show them the importance of a family time. This is how the kids will learn that their lives don't depend on their cell phones and is much more than that.

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3. Limit access to apps

Social media was created for people to come together and keep in touch but the overuse has made it a place of stalkers and kidnappers. If your child is too young, it is best not to install social media apps on their phones but if they are a little bit older, it is advisable to set a rule for them to ask permission before they can access/install an app.

Before the era of social media, bullying stayed just in school, but now it is going on to haunt these platforms as well. Set the rule to know the access to their social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Kik and Snapchat at all times. Try keeping them away from shopping sites and always make sure they ask for permission before buying anything online.

4. Only responding to known contacts 

The ground rules should include them answering your phone every time and not putting it on silent, except when absolutely necessary. Ask them not to answer calls of strangers or give out their numbers to everyone. There are spam calls every day where the person on the other end of the line pretends to be a professional, wanting to know the personal information. Children are innocent beings and do not really know the difference when it comes to these things. It is best to ask them not to pick up such calls, or ask them to give you the call to such people. Moreover, it is best to ask them to not pick up calls from unknown numbers altogether.

5. Not to give out personal details 

Many a times, spam websites ask you to give out your personal details while playing a game or downloading a movie or a song. Ask your kids not to fill out any such forms with personal details. Ensure they have access to sites where they can legitimately get the content they need or better, they can ask you to download it for them, so that you can supervise what they browse on the internet.

Also, educate them about not always forwarding all the messages they get on the internet or rely on the information provided there. Educate them about not sending out their pictures over the internet to strangers or without a privacy setting. They can become victims to cyber bullying or come under the radars of the offenders.

To make sure your child follows these rules, it is best if you start following them too. If you talk on your phone while driving a car, you cannot really blame your child if he/she grows up to talk and drive. Thus, ensure that you set out to be a good example for them to follow. Guide them and keep a track on what they do, but don't ever push them too much. The best way to go about it is to be their friend, expect them to follow the rules and make them feel responsible.


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