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Sleep Deprivation In Kids Can Be More Harmful Than You Think; Here's How You Can Help Your Child Sleep Better

Proper sleep is extremely important for your kids. Sleep deprivation is linked with several health issues in kids. Here are some tips that can help your kids ensure better sleep.

Sleep Deprivation In Kids Can Be More Harmful Than You Think; Heres How You Can Help Your Child Sleep Better

Lack of sleep can affect your child's health in various ways


  1. Proper sleep is extremely important for your kids
  2. Use of mobile phone can affect sleeping pattern
  3. Sleep deprivation in children can affect their mental health

A good night's sleep is extremely necessary for your health. Not just for adults, proper sleep plays an important role in your child's development as well. Kids spend a huge amount of energy in different activities. Proper sleep can give them the required rest. It will also give optimum energy for the next morning. Improper sleeping pattern can affect your kids' health in many ways. Children today are also addicted to screens which restricts them from sleeping on time. Use of mobile phones before going to bed can cause sleep deprivation in kids. This results in poor productivity at school as well as in other physical activities.

Harmful effects of sleep deprivation in children

Not just poor academic performance, lack of sleep with exposure to germs can also make kids sick. It can also affect the physical health of your kids. Sleep deprivation can also affect your child's mental health. According to studies, it can result in poor cognitive performance. In some cases, kids may also experience depression, anxiety or impulsive behaviour.


Proper sleep is extremely important for your kids' development
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How to help kids sleep better

You must promote a healthy sleeping pattern in your kids to cut the risk of several diseases. Here are some tips to ensure better sleep in kids.

1. Motive your kids to perform physical activities every day. You can ask them to play outside or allow them to join any sport they like.

2. Keep all distractions away. Do not allow your kids to use gadgets before going to bed. Make it a rule to restrict the use of screens in bed.

3. You should also set a fixed sleeping schedule for your kids. Fixed timings will help your kids develop a habit and get familiar with the schedule.

4. Check your kids' bedroom and create a comfortable place for them to sleep. Check the lights and bed to help your child sleep.

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