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Should You Have Curd In Winter? Know The Benefits And Downsides

Curd benefits: Do you think that eating curd in winter can worsen your cough and cold? Then this article is a must-read for you!

Should You Have Curd In Winter? Know The Benefits And Downsides

Benefits of curd in winters: It is safe to consume curd in winter, just avoid having refrigerated curd


  1. It is important to eat foods that boost your immunity in winter
  2. Avoid having cold curd in winter
  3. Ayurveda suggests that you should avoid having cold in winter

Curd is considered to be a probiotic-rich food which is beneficial for gut health. Probiotics are referred to live bacteria and yeast that is good for your digestive system. The human body contains both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics provide you with good and helpful bacteria that maintain gut flora. People who experience digestion problems too often can benefit by eating probiotics-rich foods. Speaking of curd, the wonder probiotic is a pure delight in summer. But in winter, it is often considered to worsen or cause cough and cold. But how true is this claim? Read below to know the answer. 

Curd benefits: Is it healthy to have curd in winter?

During winter, it is important to keep yourself protected and eat foods that strengthen your immunity to avoid falling sick. Eating seasonal food is the best you can do for maintaining good health. But giving up your summer's favourite curd during winter can be difficult for some people. What's more is that curd is rich in nutrients. Apart from probiotics, it is also a rich source of calcium, which is required by the body for strong and healthy bones.


Curd can help in improving digestion and prevent acidity, bloating and gas
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Including curd in your diet also provides you with Vitamin B12 and phosphorus. However, as per Ayurveda, curd should be avoided in winter as it increases mucous secretion. Eating curd can make it difficult for people suffering from asthma, cough, cold and sinus. So, if you believe in Ayurvedic style of eating, then consumption of curd should be avoided in winter.

An effective way to eat curd in winter is to eat only before 5 pm. Eating cold curd at night can create mucous, especially in people suffering from allergies and asthma. Digestion boosting benefits of curd can help in boosting immunity and keep you from falling sick.

You can have curd as soon as it sets and avoid eating the refrigerated one. All in all, it can safely be claimed that eating curd during winter is safe and healthy.


Avoid having cold curd to prevent catching cough and cold in winter
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Ways to include curd in your diet

  • You can have a bowl of curd along your lunch.
  • A curd smoothie with fruits and vegetables
  • Curd and oats
  • Curd with nuts
  • Mixed vegetable raita
  • Frozen dessert with curd
  • Curd dip seasoned with herbs and spices

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