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This Protein Rich Summer Drink Is Great For Weight Loss And Reducing Bloating: Here's How You Can Make It

Weight loss tips: Sattu is a popular in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It is a popular summer drink that is rich in protein and can help in weight loss. Know how to make it right here.

This Protein Rich Summer Drink Is Great For Weight Loss And Reducing Bloating: Here

Weight loss: Sattu is rich in iron and low on sodium, making it beneficial for high blood pressure


  1. Sattu is rich in fibre and can prevent constipation
  2. It can help you burn more calories
  3. Satty can improve your energy levels

Sattu is made from Bengal gram or chana dal, and is immensely popular in states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. It is a protein rich grain which is pocket-friendly and is often referred to as "poor man's protein". Dry roasting chana dal in sand and then pounding it will give you sattu. When you mix sattu with cumin powder, coriander and chilli in cold water, it can make for a great summer drink that can keep you hydrated and help you beat the heat. In this article, we are going to talk about some amazing benefits of sattu and why you should have it regularly.

Weight loss and other health benefits of sattu

1. Weight loss

Protein rich sattu can be included in your weight loss diet. Protein is one the most important macronutrients that your body requires. It is the building block of cells that can help in building muscle mass and also keeps you full for longer. Thus, protein in sattu can be credited to its weight loss properties. Sattu aslo helps in reducing bloating and increases metabolism. It helps your body burn calories more effectively.


Sattu can help you lose weight
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2. Improves digestion

When consumed on an empty stomach, sattu can effectively help in reducing problems with your stomach. It has cooling properties that can offer relief during scorching summer heat. Sattu is rich in fibre, a nutrient that can help in keeping constipation at bay. It is known to improve bowel movement and reduce problems associated with stomach.

3. Improves energy

Sattu is rich in iron and can stimulate growth of red blood cells in the body. The body gets more oxygen with increase in red blood cells, and this can make you feel energised throughout the day.

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4. Good for diabetes

Sattu has low glycemic index. People with diabetes can resort to health benefits of sattu. Also, sattu can be beneficial for people with high blood pressure as it has low sodium. Regular consumption of sattu will keep your blood sugar levels under control.


Sattu can help in diabetes control
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How to make sattu?

Sattu is undoubtedly a great summer drink you can bank on. Have it as a summer drink like a sharbet or make it in the form of a laddu. For making the sharbet, you can make it either sweet or salted. One way we have mentioned above. Another way to make sattu is with some powdered jaggery, chilled water and lemon juice. Mix jaggery and sattu and blend them to form a paste. Add some chilled water and stir well. Strain the drink if you want it to be less grainy and the add some lemon juice to it.

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