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Rujuta Diwekar's Golden Rules For A Cleaner, Healthier Kitchen

Making our kitchens plastic-free is extremely important, says Rujuta in her golden rules in the kitchen.

Rujuta Diwekars Golden Rules For A Cleaner, Healthier Kitchen

Cooking food traditionally is the key to a healthy lifestyle


  1. Avoid use of plastic in the kitchen, says Rujuta
  2. Aluminium utensils can be replaced by stainless steal utensils
  3. Microwaving food makes it toxic

In her latest guideline as part of the fitness project, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar takes us back to our kitchen and reminds us how important it is to keep our kitchens clean and simple. Any conversation or discussion about fitness begins from our kitchen - the place where all our food is, where we cook our food, the place because where our health, harmony and happiness originate. So to make the most of this place, Rujuta writes in her Facebook post that reducing use of plastic in the kitchen, bringing back iron utensils and heating the food instead of microwaving it can be the 3 most helpful steps for making our kitchens cleaner and healthier.

Reduce use of plastic

We are all aware of the fact that plastic is one of the major contributors of pollution. Apart from being harmful for the environment, it also creates hormonal imbalances in the body. Plastic releases estrogenic chemicals which can create a disturbance between male and female hormones in the body. Adult acne, polycystic ovarian disease or a young girl going at puberty are all more prone to risks of using plastic in the kitchen.

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To replace plastic bags, Rujuta suggests that using cloth bags for buying vegetables and fruits can be used. We should avoid buying veggies and fruits which come packed in plastic or thermocol (polystyrene).

plastic utensils

Rujuta says we should avoid using plastic cutlery
Photo Credit: iStock

She also suggests that we should avoid using plastic tiffin boxes for packing food, especially hot food, should be avoided. Also, plastic cutlery is a big no-no. Use your hands to eat your food. Even those plastic cling films for fruits and tiffin boxes should be avoided entirely.

Going back to her love for everything traditional, Rujuta writes that using steel or copper tiffin boxes and water bottles is the right way to go. She adds that use of plastic water bottles when travelling or even mineral water bottles should be avoided.

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Bring back iron utensils in the kitchen

Rujuta stresses on bringing back iron utensils in the kitchen. She says that Teflon coated non-stick utensils are not as good and glorious as they seem to be. They do not help in avoiding fat, she seconds.

iron utensils

It's time we bring iron utensils in the kitchen
Photo Credit: iStock

Talking about iron utensils, she says that they are an important yet very undervalued iron source in our diet. Our veggies, pohas and upmas can all be cooked in iron utensils. She stresses on the importance of adding ghee, oil and spices to food as it will help us in never falling short of iron.

Furthermore, the nutritionist suggests that we should also get rid of aluminium vessels and aluminium foils in the kitchen. Consuming food exposed to aluminium can reduce zinc levels in the body. Zinc is an important mineral for the health of our brain and for preventing diabetes. Using stainless steel utensils can be a good replacement for aluminium utensils

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Avoid the microwave

According to Rujuta, using microwave for heating food is simply overcooking it. This, she writes, is followed by overeating and overstoring. So, heating food on our gas chulha is the ultimate solution to healthy eating. Microwaving food heats up its micronutrients, since food is heated in extremely high temperatures in a microwave. Microwaving food oxidises these micronutrients and makes food toxic for our body.

cooking in microwave can be harmfulMicrowaving food makes it overcooked

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Hence, it is nothing but the traditional old-fashioned way of using our kitchens. Doesn't sound so bad, does it? Time to experience some nostalgia and take a cleaner and more environment-friendly route to fitness. 


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