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Are You On The Journey To Losing Weight? Be Careful And Don’t Make These Mistakes

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar and her team share some common mistakes that you need to avoid while losing weight.

Are You On The Journey To Losing Weight? Be Careful And Don’t Make These Mistakes

Weight loss may not always be noticeable through weight, you may see changes in inches

The journey to weight loss isn't a simple one. You need to have a lot of patience and motivation to first, lose weight, and then maintain your health. Also, you've got to make sure that your weight loss plan is sustainable and beneficial in a long run. To lose the extra weight, start exercising regularly and be mindful of your eating habits. There are many people who wish to get rid of those extra kgs they've gained over time. However, sometimes, due to certain mistakes that people make, it just doesn't work out in their favour. So, if you are someone who is embarking upon a weight loss journey, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is here with a series on Instagram. She shares three videos discussing nine common mistakes, in total, that people should not make. There are three videos mentioning three mistakes each.    

Ghazal Furniturewala shares the screen with Rujuta Diwekar in the concluding video. Ghazal talks about three mistakes that you must avoid.

Don't fall for diet trends

Ghazal says that you must not follow diet trends or social media influencers for genuine advice. The weight loss industry is making a profit anyway. So, be careful about the choices that you make. If you really want to know what's right for your health, go back to the traditional recipes promoted by your grandmother. These traditional practices are time-tested over generations.  

Don't fix portion sizes

You may feel like you need to eat less to lose weight but that's not correct. If you fix your portions of meals every single time, you'll end up making a big mistake. Your appetite is a moving entity and you have to respect it. So, don't unnecessarily starve yourself when hungry. 

Don't wait for others' approval

While you are trying to lose weight and see some progress in the process, don't wait for others to compliment you or approve your program. Just listen to your heart and if you have started feeling healthy, that means you are progressing.

Now, nutritionist Jinal Shah is here to highlight three other mistakes that people tend to make while getting rid of the extra kilos from the body.

According to Jinal, you must not make these mistakes:

Don't be in a hurry to lose weight

Jinal expresses that your body takes about 12 weeks to adapt to any kind of new stimuli. So, give your body the time it takes. A healthy weight loss is about 10 percent of your total body weight in a year. You'll remain healthy if you lose weight in a sustainable manner, Jinal added.

Don't go overboard with exercise

Don't ever see exercise as a punishment for weight loss. Try to enjoy it as a part of the process. If you go overboard with exercise, you may end up exhausting yourself and as a result, facing other health issues. Make sure your strength, stamina, stability, and flexibility improvise as you exercise. She states that about half an hour of exercising every day should be fine.

Don't undervalue sleep

Make sure you follow proper sleep hygiene while in the process of losing weight.

Rujuta Diwekar, in the first video under the series, discusses the top three common mistakes that you should not commit while losing weight.

Don't make it only about your weight

Rujuta states that you need to see every aspect of your health while deciding on weight loss. After all, weight loss shouldn't be just about your weight (numbers) but it has to be a sustainable plan that keeps you healthy. Checking your waist-to-hip ratio is important.

Don't compare your weight loss with past experiences

Try not to compare your past weight loss experiences with the present program. Also, do not pay attention to the success stories of people who post on social media. It's a personal journey and everyone functions differently.

Don't blame yourself for the lack of results

Don't be harsh on yourself and try not to blame yourself if things don't work out.   

Hope you follow these steps and get success while trying to lose weight. 

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