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Post-Workout Meal: This Two Ingredient Combination Is A Must Try For Better Recovery

Post-workout meal: After exercising, it is essential to provide adequate nutrition to your muscles. Here's a simple combination you can try after exercising.

Post-Workout Meal: This Two Ingredient Combination Is A Must Try For Better Recovery

Banana can yogurt can be consumed post-exercising


  1. Bananas are loaded with fibre and potassium
  2. Yogurt can help you ensure better digestion
  3. Also drink enough water after exercising

Regular exercise is an amazing and one of the most effective ways to stay fit. Not just weight loss, regular exercise is essential for your overall well-being. What you eat before and after working out is an essential factor that can affect the result of hard work. It is essential to choose appropriate foods and drinks that can help in repair and recovery. One of the inexpensive and easy post-workout meals is banana in yogurt. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal took to Instagram to share the benefits of this simple combination. Keep reading to know why must try this.

Post-workout meal? Banana and yogurt is the answer

The Nutritionist tells in her Instagram reels, "Banana in yogurt after exercising is beneficial. This duo combination maximises the absorption of muscle repairing glucose and amino acids. After intensive exercising, have this combination, it speeds up muscle recovery while strengthening muscles cells."

Banana is commonly available in India throughout the year. It is rich in potassium that can help you control your blood pressure. Banana also helps in weight loss as it is rich in fibre. Eating a banana is a healthy snack that can keep you full for longer. This fruit is also beneficial to your heart due to the high antioxidant content.

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Yogurt is a dairy product loaded with probiotics. It can keep your gut healthy. Eating yogurt can load up your diet with calcium and protein. It can also strengthen your immune system.


Yogurt is loaded with protein and gut-friendly bacteria
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To prepare this combination, post-workout, all you need to do is- chop banana into yogurt and enjoy!

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For better post-workout recovery, do not forget to stay hydrated and add enough protein to your post-workout meal.

(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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