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People Rather Take A Pill Than Exercising To Control Blood Pressure: Tips To Control High Blood Pressure

A new study reveals that people prefer tea and pills to exercise to treat blood pressure.

People Rather Take A Pill Than Exercising To Control Blood Pressure: Tips To Control High Blood Pressure

Take less sodium in order to control high blood pressure


  1. People with high blood pressure should lose weight
  2. High blood pressure patients should take less stress
  3. Exercising regularly is important for people with high blood pressure
People suffering with high blood pressure and hypertension prefer taking a cup of tea or a pill to exercising when it comes to controlling their blood pressure levels, says a new study. The preliminary research was presented at American Heart Association's Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions 2018. The analysis was done by asking around 1,500 adults in the US to imagine that they had high blood pressure. They were then given 4 options for treatment in order to gain an extra month, year of 5 years of life.
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These options included taking a pill, drinking a cup of tea daily, exercising and monthly or semi-annual injections. The survey revealed that 79% people were willing to take a pill as part of treatment of blood pressure and get an extra month of life; 78% people were willing to drink a cup of tea regularly to get 1 extra month of life and 63% were willing to exercise for an extra month of life.

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The study revealed that 84% people were willing to exercise for an extra year of life and 93% were willing to exercise if it meant 5 extra years of life.

Taking an injection was the least preferred option for treatment of blood pressure among these people. Around 68% people said they can take an injection in every 6 months if it gave them extra month of life. 85% people said that they would take a shot for 1 extra year of like and 93% people said that they are willing to take a shot for 5 extra years of life. However, the number was even lesser when the participants were asked to take monthly injections as part of treatment for blood pressure.

Experts say that the survey's finding suggest that people naturally assign different weights to the pluses and minuses of interventions to improve cardiovascular health.

Most of the participants of the survey were below the age of 45. Half of the participants were female participants who had the maximum blood pressure.

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Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common diseases in India. Experts recommend that physical activity and a diet with less salt and sodium content are required for controlling high blood pressure.

Here are top ways to control blood pressure:

1. Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity is a must when it comes to people with high blood pressure. Exercising every day for 30 minutes can help in bringing down your blood pressure significantly. Exercises best known for reducing blood pressure include jogging, walking, swimming, dancing and even strength training.


2. Lose weight

An increase in weight will lead to an increase in blood pressure. Weight gain causes disturbances in sleep and can even lead to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition which is known to increase blood pressure. Also people who have a lot of fat around their waistline should be careful as it can increase risk of high blood pressure. Losing weight can help in controlling blood pressure.

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3. Take less stress

People who take a lot of stress are more prone to risks of blood pressure as compared to others who don't. Chronic stress can contribute to high blood pressure. You can work towards changing your expectations, give yourself time to relax, develop a hobby, etc. These measures will help in reducing your stress levels effectively. 


4. Reduce sodium and alcohol

People with high blood pressure should reduce content of sodium in their diet. The salt intake of blood pressure patients should be reduced along with avoiding eating processed and packaged foods.

People with high blood pressure should also a keep a check on their alcohol consumption as it can contribute to an increase in blood pressure.

processed foods to avoid

5. Eat healthy

People with high blood pressure are recommended to eat a diet which has a lot of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Eating foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, can also be beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.

fruits and vegetables

6. Quit smoking

Smoking contributes to an increase in blood pressure for some minutes after you smoke a cigarette. Smoking can increase your blood pressure and should be avoided in all circumstances.

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