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Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Talks About The Many Health Benefits Of Kasawa (Sabudana)

Rujuta Diwekar reveals just how healthy kasawa (sabudana) is! She also debunks some of the myths that surround this superfood. Read all about the many health benefits of sabudana here.

Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Talks About The Many Health Benefits Of Kasawa (Sabudana)

Kasawa or sabudana is known to improve fertility in women


  1. Sabudana is a popular breakfast and evening snack
  2. Sabudana is one of the most powerful vegan sources of protein
  3. Tapioca helps to strengthen bones and maintain flexibility as well

It is a popular breakfast food, a mid-meal snack and the favorite Navratri fasting food, and guess what, it is super-healthy! Yes, we are talking about sabudana. Be it in the form of khichdi, cutlet or kheer, sabudana is, was and will continue to be the favorite snack of most Indian households. Also know as tapioca, it looks like little white pearls and actually are starch extracted from roots. It's rich in carbs and low in fats so this is the ideal food to take for those who wish to lose weight. Not only this, we have lined up the best health benefits of Sabudana for you.

Sabudana is also known as kasawa, and to your surprise, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar swears by the benefits of this superfood. While most people believe that sabudana is nothing but empty calories, Rujuta debunks some of the myths that surround this superfood. She reveals how the western countries are coming up with kasawa breads and cookies. She says that sabudana is the most nutritious meal you can ever have. Rujuta stresses on the fact that sabudana or kasawa is the superfood of the future. She says that kasawa pills are available in the market now and are known for their fertility benefits. Women who wish to conceive twins consume these pills and they help in maintaining hormonal balance which is extremely important for women.

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Here are 5 surprising health benefits of sabudana you must

1. Gaining weight

Not everyone wishes to lose weight. Some people wish to be chubby and have some flesh on their bones. It is affordable and easy to cook too and helps you put on weight faster.

2. Muscle growth

If you are a vegan and wish to grow muscles, then this is the source of protein for you. Besides just building muscles, it is a way to gain physical strength.

3. Stronger bones

Another health benefit of sabudana is its ability to strengthen bones and maintain flexibility at the same time. Calcium, iron and vitamin K in tapioca make it that food which keeps you charged up and free of fatigue even after rigorous activities.

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4. Blood pressure

An important health benefit of sabudana is the fact that its potassium content keeps your blood pressure under control. It is an important staple for a good blood circulation.

5. Digestion

If you are suffering from indigestion and constipation, tapioca is the solution. If you are dealing with constipation, just have a cup of sabudana and that is it.

Relish the flavours of kasawa (sabudana) and gain from the many health benefits of this super food.

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