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National Doctor's Day 2020: 4 Health Tips To Follow During Pandemic By Doctor

National Doctor's Day: Poor dietary choices, inadequate or improper spacing between meals and skipping meals can lead to a whole array of adverse health conditions such as gastritis, constipation and obesity among others. Know more here.

National Doctors Day 2020: 4 Health Tips To Follow During Pandemic By Doctor

Happy Doctors Day 2020: Make a health plan to take care of your health and well-being


  1. Eat less of oily and junk food
  2. Exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol in excess

National Doctor's Day is observed on July 1. This year, the day falls amidst the global pandemic of coronavirus. If not earlier, then people have definitely realised the importance of doctors now and how the contribute to the society. It is the doctors who are in the frontline, helping COVID-19 patients to recover and survive no matter what. While we self-isolate at home, it is the doctors who are risking their lives to save thousands of people who have been infected with the coronavirus. On the occasion of National Doctor's Day, physician and diabetologist Dr Raja Indana talks about health tips that we need to follow during a pandemic, to maintain optimum health and overall well-being. 

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They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Before the lockdown, most of you went about your routines, not paying much attention to what kind of lifestyles you were choosing to live by. Now, while staying at home, you can turn this situation to an opportunity to rethink and evaluate if you have made any of these unhealthy choices. 

Health tips to follow during coronavirus pandemic

1. A lot of oil, junk and too much spice do not make anything nice!

Poor dietary choices like eating lots of oily and junk food, inadequate or improper spacing between meals and skipping meals can cause gastritis, constipation and obestit among others. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, use healthy cooking oils for cooking like olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, etc. Limit consumption of junk food to once a week and try to cook foods like pizzas and burgers at home. 


Restrict consumption of junk food for optimum health
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2. Ground twists, pilates, burpees, planks

These may certainly not be the actual ingredients to be Ironman, but one should note that lazing around definitely does not help. Exercise regularly and make sure that you do moderate intensity exercise for  at least 150 minutes in a week. 

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3. The body remembers

You do not have to be Jon Snow to not know that habits like smoking and regular drinking of alcohol can have deleterious effects on the body, which can lead to liver issues, cancer, and respiratory problems. What's more, smokers are at higher risk of catching more severe kind of COVID-19. Work towards quitting smoking and alchol today for optimum health and fitness. 

4. Mind over mayhem

We often undermine the effects of our surroundings on our mental health. Spending excessive time on digital devices and preferring to stay cocooned instead of sharing our problems with near and dear ones can cause disruptions in our mental well-being and lead to adjustment issues, anxiety, and depression. In fact, mental health concerns have been highlighted more than ever during this pandemic. Change your attitude towards stressful situations and know that we are all this in this together. Do not shy away from taking professional help. 

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Spend the rest of the lockdown and social distancing by evaluating your health choices and making a difference today. This may range from something as simple as drinking water to helping your mother in the kitchen, and taking any regular medications on time.

To help you with this, here's a Good Health Bingo you can play with your friends and family!


The Good Health Bingo can help in elavuating your health choices
Photo Credit: Dr. Raja Indana

While there is so much more you can do to take care of your health, you can also share this with your friends and family to gift them the mindfulness of having a happy, healthy life. Your health is in your hands. Make a plan today to truly be wealthy.

(Dr. Raja Indana is a physician and diabetologist and heads the medical team at MFine)

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