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Monsoon Health Tips: 7 Things That Can Boost Your Immunity, Prevent Sickness During Monsoon

Monsoon health tips: During the rainy season, it is important take extra care of your health in order to prevent falling sick and catching cough, cold and fever. Here are some health tips you can keep in mind.

Monsoon Health Tips: 7 Things That Can Boost Your Immunity, Prevent Sickness During Monsoon

Take a bath every time you get wet in rain during monsoon


  1. Wash your hands regularly during the rainy season
  2. Keep your indoors clean at all times
  3. Make sure your house is well ventilated

The monsoon season surely offers respite from summer heat. But it is also not the best time for your immunity. To prevent catching cold, cough, flu and other infections during monsoon, it is important take extra care of your health and make efforts for boosting immunity. From keeping your indoors clean to taking a bath every time you get wet in the rain, there are many ignored situations (often not taken seriously) that can help in maintaining optimum health during the rainy season.

Monsoon health tips: Tips for boosting immunity during monsoon

1. Keep your indoors clean

A lot of mud or puddle tends to enter the house during the rainy season. This makes regular cleaning of the house all the more important to prevent breeding and spread of germs which ultimately leads to diseases and infection. Also replace any rusty or broken drain pipes that can act as breeding ground for pests. Getting a pest control done at home can further prevent mosquito breeding and other insects that are likely to invade your house this time of the year.


Keep your indoors clean at all times during the rainy season
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2. Take a shower after you get wet in the rain

We all enjoy getting wet in the rain. Who doesn't? Just make sure that you get a bath afterwards. This is one of the most effective methods to prevent infections, cough and cold during the rainy season.

3. Keep yourself well hydrated

This is a very important health tip, no matter the season. Avoid drinking unfiltered water from roadside water kiosks, dhabas or shops. Get a service done of your water purifier at home.

4. Make room for ventilation

Ensure a well-ventilated house will allow infectious agents to get out of your house. Open house windows and doors whenever possible.

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5. Wash your hands regularly

This is another help top which is important irrespective of the season. You never know the number of germs that can get on your hands through washroom doors, taps, flush, etc. Wash hands before and after your meals and multiple other times through the day.


Wash your hands regularly to prevent catching infections
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6. Have soups

Monsoon are in fact the perfect time to sip on some warm and comforting soup. From chicken soup to carrot soup, mushroom soup or mixed vegetable soup, there are a number of soups that you can bank on for good health and stronger immunity during the rainy season. You can also have other immunity boosters like tulsi, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, lemongrass and nutmeg. Make warm teas with these ingredients and they are surely going to give a delightful experience!

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7. Get your vaccination done

Pneumonia and flu vaccination can be your go-to option for preventing these diseases. Try staying at home if you feel unwell. Avoid drinking cold fluids and eat healthy food at all times.

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