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Expert Recommends These Minor Lifestyle Changes To Stay Healthy And Keep Diseases At Bay

From deep breathing to walking, heres how a few small changes can help you lead a healthy and happy life.

Expert Recommends These Minor Lifestyle Changes To Stay Healthy And Keep Diseases At Bay

Starting your day with a small breathing session can help keep stress away


  1. Add natural sweeteners to your foods and drinks
  2. Start your day with exercise or yoga
  3. Avoid using gadgets before bed

Weight gain and lack of exercises may have affected lakhs of people across the country since the onset of the pandemic last year. However, by making small changes in your daily habits, you can lead a very healthy life. In an Instagram post, nutritionist and author Luke Coutinho told his followers that with “discipline and consistency”, they can ward off diseases. He captioned the post, “We have used lifestyle as a medicine to rehabilitate people with diseases,” and added, “if you fail, start again, and if you fail again, start again”.

Simple lifestyle changes to make today!

Luke further suggested a few basic changes that one can make in daily life to stay healthy. “Five to 10 minutes of deep breathing every morning on an empty stomach” is one of his first tips. Another one is a diet tip which is 12: 12 fasting (stage 1). “Eating window is 12 hours and fasting window is 12 hours, every day till Saturday,” he wrote.

He recommends walking 9,000-12,000 steps daily. One more hack that Luke suggested was for those working from home. The health expert wrote, “Every 45 minutes, stand up, touch your toes, stretch, move and then get back to work.”

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The next tip is for every social media addict. He added, “Gadgets off one hour before bed.” This should be followed by “10 minutes of silence and reflection every night before bed”.

Luke also advised to avoid consuming refined or artificial sugar. He, instead, asked everyone to use fruits and honey to sweeten any dish, if not diabetic. The last one is about “doing things that make you happy”.

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Earlier, Luke gave a sneak peek into his “weekend social media fast”. “A movie tonight, tomorrow family time, me time and just hanging around making notes, reading, some yoga and a workout maybe. Going with the flow,” he wrote in the caption.

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These small steps can lead to massive results in the long run. So, which habit are you starting with today?

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine)

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