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Want To Keep Your Brain Healthy? Expert Recommends This Simple Practice

The nutritionist offers a simple solution to steer clear from issues related to the brain.

Want To Keep Your Brain Healthy? Expert Recommends This Simple Practice

Brain Health: Ensure better sleep to improve memory and cognitive health


  1. A healthy mind requires healthy sleep schedule
  2. Regular exercise can help you ensure better sleep
  3. Eat light dinners to avoid digestive issues at night while sleeping

Nutritionist Luke Coutinho, in his latest Instagram post, shared some useful tips for improving brain and cognitive health. In the video, he gave a simple and powerful solution to prevent Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cognitive brain disorders and memory issues. “I can list out the superfoods for you — omegas, oils, zincs, vitamin Cs, B-complexes and all of that stuff. But I can tell you that the most powerful drug for your brain health is sleep,” Luke said in the clip. You need to have “deep sleep” and “quality sleep” according to Luke.

Brain Health: Ensure better sleep for healthy cognitive function

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In an earlier post, Luke had revealed the best laxative for the brain, constipated mind, thoughts and stress. The health expert wrote in the caption, “With constant bombardment and overexposure to news, social media, and so much information (and a lot of misinformation too), it's important to keep that brain healthy and clean, as it gets toxic. You have two tonics to use that are free — sleep and meditation. Let your sleep clean and detox your brain. Sleep deep.”

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A healthy sleep routine is essential for your health in several other ways. A good night's sleep helps in ensuring healthy functioning of the body. It can ensure better mental health and also support a healthy weight.

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Now, that you know how important sleep is in your day-to-day routine, cut short that scrolling time and make space for relaxation.

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