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Know All About The Magical Properties Of Ramphal- A Fruit With Many Health Benefits

Ramphal is known to have strong medicinal and healing properties.

Know All About The Magical Properties Of Ramphal- A Fruit With Many Health Benefits

Ramphal or custard apple is one of the best fruits for diabetics


  1. Ramphal can be used to treat frizzy hair
  2. The fruit helps in dealing with minor injuries
  3. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce pain

Light green in color and bumpy in texture, ramphal or custard apple is a fruit with many health benefits. It is called custard apple because of its distinct flavor which is a blend of sweet custard and cooked apple. The fruit is also widely known as bullock's heart. The fruit is known to have strong medicinal and healing properties. An extract of the fruit can help minor injuries to a great extent. Agrees celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who recently took to Facebook to explain the numerous health benefits of ramphal.

She says that the fruit is excellent to taste and has numerous therapeutic benefits - which are very similar to most of the native and forgotten fruits.

custard apple

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1. Good for diabetics

Rujuta mentions in her post that ramphal might be the best fruit for diabetics and pre-diabetics. Ramphal has lots of important minerals and properties which lower glucose levels. She says that ramphal has anti-cancer properties as well.

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2. Treats acne

Ramphal can also be helpful in treating acne, frizzy hair and weak joints. Loaded with nutrients and Vitamin C, ramphal helps in fighting the harmful free radicals in the body. People who are above the age of 30 and have unwanted acne, ramphal can help you in dealing with the situation. The fruit has a buttery texture from inside, which can be helpful in bringing back your lost glow.

custard apple

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3. Boosts immunity

People with poor immune system and those who fall sick with every weather change can benefit from ramphal. Vitamin A in ramphal improves body's immunity. Also, B Vitamins in ramphal reduces inflammation.

4. Reduces risks of heart diseases

Ramphal has flavonoids which can be helpful in reducing risks of heart dieases. Tannic acid in ramphal has been known to reduce lipid levels and keep blood pressure under control.

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5. Heals wounds

The extract of ramphal speeds up the process of cell growth and enables a smooth recovery. Minor injuries can be effectively dealt with by consuming ramphal. It also has anti-bacterial properties which reduces risks of infections.

custard apple

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6. Relieves pain

Certain compounds in ramphal have anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing pain.

7. Fights bacteria

Extracts of ramphal have been known to kill bacteria which is responsible for conditions like diarrhoea, pneumonia and typhoid to name a few. The impact of ramphal can be said to be as effective as a natural antibiotic.

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So, head to the market and search for this magical fruit! 

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