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HIIT Meets Pilates: Try This Power-Packed Workout Routine By Fitness Expert

The fitness expert demonstrates some simple and effective exercises that you can do at home.

HIIT Meets Pilates: Try This Power-Packed Workout Routine By Fitness Expert

Weight loss: Exercise at home to stay fit and avoid weight gain


  1. HIIT takes less times and is performed with full energy
  2. Pilates is a low impact exercise
  3. The fitness trainer shared video demonstration of these exercises

Being able to stick to your workout routine during a hectic week can be a tad tiresome. But on the bright side, working from home has made it easier to push in a quick workout despite a busy day. Exercising every day is exactly the endorphin rush we need to be able to cope with, in these dreary times. The benefits of exercising regularly are innumerable and fitness enthusiasts will tell you that nothing compares to the mental stimulation and calm one feels after an intense workout session. Celebrity fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala shared a video of herself demonstrating some simple and easy exercises.

Weight loss: Try this high-energy workout at home

The exercises are perfect for those who are looking for a workout routine to begin their journey to fitness with, or for those who are looking to mix up their regular routines with some new exercises. In the video, Yasmin has jazzed up her routine by combining some high-energy HIIT exercises with her Pilates routine. She shared the video on Instagram along with the caption, “Hustle, Hustle, Hustle. Pilates meets HIIT. Power start your week with my Pilates HIIT workout where I add a little High-Intensity Interval Training to my Pilates exercises to kickstart the week.”

In the video, Yasmin demonstrates high-energy exercises as well as a modified less intensive but equally effective version of the same exercises for those who are just beginning to build their stamina.

The exercises demonstrated in the video include:

  • Crawl to Triceps Push up
  • All 4's Hover Rotate
  • Crab Reaches
  • Mermaid Twist
  • Rolling Like a Ball to Jump Up

Watch the full video here:

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An effective workout routine is guaranteed to ensure you have a productive day and you remain fit and healthy.


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