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Weight Loss Tips: Are You Skipping This Crucial Step While Trying To Lose Fat?

Weight loss tips: Nmami Agarwal busts myths around common fat loss methods. She shares how muscle building play a role in the weight loss process.

Weight Loss Tips: Are You Skipping This Crucial Step While Trying To Lose Fat?

Muscle building is a crucial step in the weight loss process


  1. A healthy diet and regular exercise can result in sustainable weight loss
  2. Muscle building plays a crucial role when trying to lose weight
  3. Strength training should be a part of your weight loss diet

You may find a plenty of hacks or tips available on the internet for weight loss. But the process can be simplified by following a routine that can help in sustainable weight loss. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal busted a myth around weight loss or fat loss concept in her latest Instagram post. In the video, she explains how strength training is crucial to lose body fat. The caption reads, “Drinking green tea (10glasses/day), Apple cider vinegar or eating every two hours will alone not help in fat loss. Weight training is very important when you want to reduce fat percentage.”

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In the clip, Agarwal says, “When we talk about fat loss, a lot of you are convinced that having a good metabolic rate works the best. I've seen people who take 8-10 glasses of green tea, apple cider vinegar, different concoctions and eat after every two hours. But all of this alone will not work. You have to do your strength training, build your muscles to decrease fat percentage.”  The health expert adds, “I promise, once you start building muscles, the fat percentage will automatically come down.”

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Earlier, the nutritionist focused on some other mistakes that people commit while trying to lose weight. Some of the unhealthy habits that people tend to follow are eating less, believing that carbs are bad, skipping meals and only sticking to low-fat meals.

A while back, the nutritionist also spoke on dismissing the restrictive diet and choosing something sustainable instead. “Things we go wrong on while planning to lose weight. Yo-yo effect. Following a restrictive diet plan is never sustainable. You end up craving a lot, demotivated to follow, and eventually give up,” she said.

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So, plan your weight loss journey wisely for effective results.

(Nmami Agarwal is a Delhi-based nutritionist)

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