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Hypothyroidism: 5 Lifestyle-Related Tips To Manage The Condition Effectively

Hypothyroidism: From improving your nutrition intake to being physically active, here are 5 tips that can help in managing hypothyroidism effectively.

Hypothyroidism: 5 Lifestyle-Related Tips To Manage The Condition Effectively

Sleeping well is important to manage weight and hypothyroidism


  1. Stress can worsen hypothyroidism
  2. Hypothyroidism can reduce sleep time and difficulty in sleeping
  3. Regular body check-up is recommended to keep hypothyroidism in check

Hypothyroidism is referred to a condition in which you have an underactive thyroid. It has been a matter of concern among both men and women across the world. The inefficiency of the thyroid in hormone production can cause significant changes to the body and affect mental. Functioning of the thyroid can be affected by either a primary cause or a secondary cause. The primary cause is where the thyroid is directly impacted and it creates low levels of thyroid hormones. Whereas the secondary cause is where the pituitary gland fails to produce thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).

A number of symptoms can indicate that the thyroid gland is underactive. It can result in weight gain, hair loss, sore muscles and joints, mood changes and slow heart rate. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms.

Along with early detection and treatment, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to managing hyperthyroidism and other thyroid-related conditions.

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5 lifestyle tips that can help you manage hypothyroidism

1. Up your nutrient intake

Due to the low production of thyroid hormones, energy levels are affected. Having small nutrient-dense meals, periodically, throughout the day, can help you feel energetic throughout the day and also prevent tiredness. One may find it easy to gain weight with hypothyroidism and difficult to lose weight. Eating a healthy diet that is low in fat, high in fiber and includes lots of fruits and vegetables, will help you lose weight and/or maintain your weight. The diet should be clean and well-balanced. Avoid deep-fried and processed foods.

2. Be physically active

Exercising on a regular basis, for those with hypothyroidism, is a bigger challenge because of the fatigue caused by it. Setting aside a minimum of 20 minutes every day will act as an energy booster. It also helps in overcoming weight gain, inducing weight loss, and getting rid of bad cholesterol in addition to reducing stress. Managing bad cholesterol lowers the risk of heart disease and improves heart health. Moderate-intensity activities like brisk walking, swimming, and cycling are some exercises that can be incorporated into the daily workout routine.

3. Take less stress

Stress can worsen hypothyroidism. Sneaking in little bouts of stress-busting remedies amidst a busy schedule can be helpful. Yoga, meditation, gardening, spending time with pets are examples of stress-relieving activities. Since different stressbusters work for different people, finding the right technique and incorporating it into one's lifestyle can prove to be beneficial for managing hypothyroidism and the challenges caused by it.


Taking less stress is important to manage thyroid effectively
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4. Sleep well

It's okay to hit the snooze button in the morning. Make sure you are well-rested every day. Try to get good quality sleep for six to eight hours every day. Doing so can reduce daytime fatigue and sleepiness. Hypothyroidism can lead to reduced sleep time and difficulty in sleeping. Fixed sleep schedules and few before-sleep rituals like night tea, setting up the right room temperature and ambience will administer a good quality sleep.

5. Maintain overall well-being

Taking care of one's health is crucial to all people, with or without hypothyroidism. Basic hygiene practices like thorough washing of hands before eating and freshening up after spending time outdoors should be given priority. Regular body check-up is also recommended to keep hypothyroidism in check.

Managing to have a better life with hypothyroidism is not difficult. It can be achieved by designing a healthy lifestyle in addition to undergoing proper treatment. Being mindful of the right food intake, a good amount of physical activity, and relaxing time will contribute to dealing with hypothyroidism and leading a close to normal life.

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(Dr L Sanjay, Internal Medicine Department, Apollo Spectra Hospital Kondapur, Hyderabad)

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