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Check If You Have Signs Of High Blood Pressure Without Meeting A Doctor

Yes, you can check your blood pressure at home, without the need for equipment!

Check If You Have Signs Of High Blood Pressure Without Meeting A Doctor

Check your blood pressure at home with these 3 simple steps


  1. 120/80 is normal blood pressure
  2. You can check your blood pressure at home without any equipment
  3. Do not press too hard on the artery, it may stop blood pressure

In a world as busy as hours, keeping a tab on one's own health is no less than a challenge. Where people do not have enough time to cook food for them regularly, paying regular visits to a doctor for a complete medical check-up is out of the question. But at the same time, it is important to keep a tab on the vital signs of the body as well. Here, we will be discussing this one vital sign, blood pressure.

Blood pressure is one of the most vital signs of your body which show whether or not your body is functioning properly. It defines if your heart is pumping blood through the arteries properly or not. It is needless to explain why your blood pressure should stay normal. High BP can lead to organ and tissue damage in a short period of time. However, low BP indicates that your tissues are not getting enough oxygen. Neither of the two is good for your health. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to keep a tab on your blood pressure. But who has the time to rush to a doctor regularly to check if the BP is normal or not!

Relax. You can check your blood pressure at home as well, and that too without any equipment. All it requires is three steps.

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Here's a guide of all the terms used:

1. Systolic pressure- The first number on the reading which indicates the pressure inside the artery when it is pumping blood.

2. mmHg - The term means millimeters of mercury.

3. Normal BP - 120/80, any number higher than this would indicate hypertension.

4. If the number exceeds 180/110, check with a doctor immediately

Step 1

The very first step is checking your pulse. Check for your pulse at a carotid artery, one that runs through your neck. Do not press too hard to restrict the blood flow. Press lightly till you feel your pulse, the rate of the pulse is not important. A palpable carotid pulse means that the person in question has a pumping pressure of 60-70 mmHg.

Step 2

The second step is to feel the pulse through the femoral arteries which run from your abdomen through the thighs. You can palpate it easily at a specific point which will be only a few inches on either side of the midway of both the thighs and the abdomen. The blood pressure here is going to be comparatively lower. A patient with a palpable femoral pulse has a minimum systolic pressure of 70-80 mmHg.

Step 3

The last step is to feel a pulse on one of the radical arteries. These arteries run along the underside of your arm, close to the two bones of your forearm. Place your finger gently at the base of your thumb where the hand meets the wrist. A palpable radical pulse means that the patient has a systolic pressure of over 80mmHg. The radical artery is small and present at a higher part of the body as compared to the femoral artery. Hence it is important for the pressure to be over 80mHg so that the pulse can reach the radical artery.

A word of caution

Do not press too hard on the artery as it may stop blood pressure in your veins and make you feel dizzy. Before measuring blood pressure, calm down. Any sort of tensions can disturb your blood pressure reading. 

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