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How Many Cups Of Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day? Know The Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Green Tea

Are you a green tea lover? Many drink green tea for weight loss. Green tea can provide you many health benefits. But how much green tea is safe in a day? Here's the answer. Also, know the possible side effects of drinking too much green tea.

How Many Cups Of Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day? Know The Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Green Tea

Green tea can help in weight loss


  1. Green tea can help you lose weight
  2. Drink green tea in moderation
  3. Too much consumption of green tea can lead to stomach issues

Drinking green tea is associated with many health benefits. Many started drinking green tea for weight loss and now it has become a part of their diet. Some are also addicted to drinking green tea. Green tea provides many other health benefits other than weight loss. It can improve your overall health. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and many nutrients. As green tea helps in weight loss, many end up drinking too many cups a day. Drinking it in excess will not give better results. Consuming too much green tea can be harmful. To avail the health benefits it offers you must drink tea in moderation. But how much green tea is safe? Here's the answer from expert.

Green tea: How much green tea should you drink per day?

Nutritionist, Sayani Das explains, "Green tea is the most popularly consumed beverage all over the world. It is a good source of a compound known as catechins (part of the flavonoid family) which are the antioxidants responsible for health benefits like, lowers the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, even help in weight loss. Researches have shown that it helps to boost metabolism and increases the fat burning process. But the question here is how many cups of green tea one can consume. Well, green tea is safe for consumption but there is a limit. Consuming a large amount of catechin in green tea can hamper the absorption of nutrients like iron and vitamin B12. To prevent this green tea should be consumed in moderation."


Green tea will help you boost overall health
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Studies have also highlighted the safe use of green tea in limited quantity. One should not consume more than three to four cups a day. Drinking green tea in limited quantity will offer many health benefits.

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Harmful effects of drinking too much green tea

If you are drinking too much green tea for too long you may experience many health issues. Some of these may include-

  1. It can contribute to too much consumption of caffeine which can lead to many health issues like inadequate sleeping pattern, stomach issues, nausea and vomiting.
  2. Too much consumption on a daily basis for a long period can cause iron deficiency and even anemia.
  3. Pregnant women should also avoid green tea.
  4. It can also cause frequent headaches, dizziness and poor liver health.

Drink green tea in moderation to avoid possible side effects
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(Sayani Das, Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital, JP Nagar, Bangalore)

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