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How Effective Are Probiotics For Diarrhoea? Let's Find Out

Probiotics can help promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria. Yogurt is one of the commonly consumed probiotics. Many suggest that probiotics can help control diarrhea. Here's how.

How Effective Are Probiotics For Diarrhoea? Lets Find Out

Probiotics can help maintain a healthy gut


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  2. You can eat a cup of yogurt daily
  3. Yogurt can also help in weight loss

When bowel movements are watery due to the poor absorption ability of the intestines and occurs more than 3-4 times in a day (more than usual), this condition is termed as diarrhoea. One of the main causes of diarrhoea is bowel infection usually caused by viruses, bacteria or any other micro-organism. Everybody at some point in their lifetime would have suffered from diarrhoea accompanied with dehydration, lack of energy or stomach pain. Several home remedies are recommended to control diarrhoea. But if it continues for a few days, medical assistance is required to find the exact cause and treatment.

Probiotics for diarrhoea

According to studies, probiotics help boost intestinal functions by promoting a healthy balance of gut bacteria. For effective treatment for diarrhoea you must consult your doctor.

Dr. SK Mundhra explains "Good bacteria in the gut boost the digestion process and promote a healthy gut. Probiotics are nothing but a live form of micro-organisms that aids in digestion. Your body has a large source of good as well as bad bacteria, wherein the good bacteria work in the intestinal tract to create a healthy gut environment, assisting in protecting the intestines from infections. Sometimes due to the effects of antibiotics, the good bacteria in the body are lost and hence probiotics are helpful in replacing these good bacteria."


Yogurt promotes good bacteria in the gut
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"This process helps in promoting overall gut health and aids in diarrhoea treatment too. Since probiotics sources with live microorganisms (that are good for the body) should be taken with precaution. People with poor immune response should strictly avoid it, as the body triggers the fight with the pathogens to ward off the chances of infection, and may cause harm," Dr. Mundhra adds.

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Sources of probiotics

The most common source of probiotics includes yogurt, fermented foods and certain dairy products. Being available in the form of powder and pills, probiotics should always be consumed with the consultation of the doctor.

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(Dr. SK Mundhra, HOD- Internal Medicine, Saroj SuperSpeciality Hospital, New Delhi)

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