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How Cucumber Juice Can Help Melt Belly Fat

With its 95% content of water and fiber, cucumber can help in releasing toxins from the body and boosting metabolism.

How Cucumber Juice Can Help Melt Belly Fat

Cucumber juice helps in detoxification of the body


  1. Detox through cucumber juice helps in healthy cleansing of the body
  2. Cucumber lowers blood glucose levels and regulates cholestrol
  3. Cucumber is low in fat and is a great source of energy

Belly fat is the most troublesome fat and a great deal of hard work is required to get rid of it. People pay a lot of attention to belly fat because it can lead to cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and even cancer. To get rid of it, you need to engage in rigorous exercise and eat food which is low in calories and fat, like cucumber. With its 95% content of water and fiber, cucumber can help in releasing toxins from the body and boosting metabolism.

It helps in getting rid of conditions like bloating, water retention and constipation. It has no fat content and is rich in Vitamin A, K and C.

Here are other ways in which cucumber helps in reducing belly fat:

1. Cucumber lowers cholesterol and blood glucose

Cucumber helps in regulating the level of cholesterol in the body. Also, the ethanol content in cucumber helps in reducing the blood glucose levels. Since belly fat has been associated with increased risks of diabetes, consuming cucumber can actually help in keep the conditions under control.

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2. Detoxes and reduces bloating

To get rid of the bloated look that is always surrounding your tummy, there is a constant need to flush out toxins from the body. Cucumber seeds help in releasing excess water and unwanted toxins from the body. This reduces bloating and also helps in tightening of the muscles in stomach.

3. Reduces irritation in the stomach

Ulcers in the stomach can also cause bloating. Cucumber, a demulcent helps in relaxing inflammation and also eases the irritation caused in the stomach lining.

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4. Eases constipation

When the digestive system of your body is affected, it can cause bloating. High water and fiber content in cucumber aids better digestion. Eating raw cucumber helps in cleaning of the gut and getting rid of constipation.

Here's how you can prepare cucumber juice to reduce belly fat

A detox through cucumber juice will help in a healthy cleanse and releasing toxins from the body. All you need is cucumber, lemon juice, aloe vera, ginger and cilantro for the juice.

Blend 1 cucumber, 1 lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of grated ginger, some cilantro, 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice in 1 cup of water. The concoction will help you feel refreshed and cleansed like never before.

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Both lemon and ginger help in boosting metabolism, thus garnering weight loss. Also, ginger has antioxidants which help in reducing inflammation and smoothening digestion.

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Aloe vera gel can reduce lipid levels. Not only does this boost metabolism, it also helps in aiding weight loss. 


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