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Here's How You Can Inculcate Healthy Sleeping Habits In Your Child

Sleep patterns have a huge impact on your child's overall development. Here's a list of tips and tricks to build a healthy sleeping routine for your kids.

Heres How You Can Inculcate Healthy Sleeping Habits In Your Child

Tips to maintain a healthy sleep-routine for your kids


  1. Setting a particular bed time for kids is the first step
  2. ensure that your bed is firm and free of all sorts of distractions
  3. Make bed time fun is by reading a book with kids or talking to them

Out of all the things that you can do for your kid, one of the best is to ensure that your little one gets an adequate amount of sleep. There are a whole lot of things to do the same. Setting a particular bed time for them is one of those habits. But the most important of all factors is to ensure that your child sleeps well so he or she feels fresh and energized for the whole day. This will have an overall impact on your child's future years.

To ensure the same, you could either visit a sleep consultant or opt for supplements like Pediasure so that your kid gets all the required lactose-free nutrition from age 1-10. But these supplements are recommended for days when your child when they either sleep late or happen to miss breakfast.

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But how important is it for your child to get enough sleep? You must have experienced phases when your child becomes irritated, hyper and may even exhibit certain problems in the future like problems in paying attention and in learning as well. Experts link inability to sleep adequately with bigger appetites and obesity. So you see, it is all related. A disturbed sleeping pattern eventually disturbs every aspect of your life. So why not build a routine that suits you and your family and eventually places all aspects of your life in place.

Here's a list of tips to get your sleep patterns just in place.

1. Set one bed-time for your family. Keeping different times can keep your children disturbed and eager to stay up for longer. So ensure that you all go to bed at the same time. This trick ensures that your kids go to sleep right in time, within 15 to 20 minutes.

2. One important trick is to ensure that your bed is firm and free of all sorts of distractions like extra pillows and toys all around.

3. Encourage your baby to take a nap regularly. Doctors explain this by saying that napping makes kids sleep easily. When your child is relaxed and at peace, they fall asleep easily.

4. One of the best ways to make bed time fun is by reading a book with kids or talk to them about their day and narrating stories. Start around 30 minutes before bed time and this will help them sleep faster and better.

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5. You can opt for a little snack for your kids so their body is fueled throughout the night. Cereal or graham crackers or a little fruit would do as a snack.

6. A cool room is recommended, not a cold one. Dress them the same way you dress yourselves and ensure that they are wearing clothes good enough to keep them warm as kids tends to kick off their covers at night.

7. You may also add a night-light if your child is completely scared of darkness and give them a teddy bear or a blanket so they feel a sense of security.

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It is not easy to make a routine and maintain it. It may even need a few alternations and changes here and there every now and then. But once your formulate a perfect sleeping routine for your family, everything else will just fall in place. 


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