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Nmami Agarwal Highlights Common Reasons Behind Acne Or Breakouts

Acne is a common problem among many people across the world. Nmami Agarwal shares some of the common reasons behind it.

Nmami Agarwal Highlights Common Reasons Behind Acne Or Breakouts

Unhealthy and fried foods can cause acne

You talk about skin issues and acne, being the most common of it all, is highly discussed among people. A lot of women start complaining about pimples right from the time puberty hits. For many, the breakouts don't stop even during the later years of their lives. Well, there are, of course, many reasons that lead to acne on the skin.

From fluctuating hormonal levels in the body due to certain biological changes to the kind of food you eat on a regular basis, a lot of things contribute to this skin problem. If you are struggling with acne and wish to know the possible causes behind its occurrence, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shares a video on Instagram highlighting five common causes of acne and breakouts.   

 Nmami shares the following five reasons for acne or breakouts:

1. Hormone

She says, for women, hormonal changes take place during pregnancy and menstruation. The use of oral contraceptives can also lead to more sebum production and cause acne to develop, she adds.

2. Use of oil-based beauty products

Your makeup, moisturising cream, and lotion that contain pore-clogging mineral oils, sulfate, coconut, and cocoa butter can actually block the pore. So, Nmami suggests that the best thing you can do is, consult a dermatologist and use the beauty products according to your skin type.

3. Stress and anxiety

People may not be aware of this but stress and anxiety can reflect on your skin in the form of acne. It actually affects the level of hormones, cortisol in the adrenal which can worsen acne.

4. Diet

If you are facing issues with acne, by now, you should know that your unhealthy food habits are a major contributing reason behind it. A diet high on sweet, refined food items or even processed foods can actually worsen acne.

5. Pimple popping

When you burst a pimple, it pushes the bacterial infection down and spreads it further underneath the skin. It also leads to scarring on the skin. So, if you have pimples, be conscious of these reasons.

Take a look:

Elaborating more on the diet part in relation to the issue of acne, Nmami Agarwal says foods with a low glycemic index are closely linked to acne. There are some food items that have the ability to increase blood sugar levels quickly as compared to others. Nmami explains, that when blood sugar rises, it causes blood to release insulin-like growth factor-1 hormone. Now, if this is released in large quantity, oil glands start producing more sebum, which can directly increase the risk of acne.

She further suggests the viewers savour food items that have a low glycemic index. And some of the most easily accessible low-glycemic foods are whole grains, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, and legumes among others. You must stay away from food items with a high glycemic index like white rice, white bread, pasta, and sugar if you have acne.   

These tips should help you in dealing with acne if that skin problem is troubling you for quite some time now.

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