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Suffering From Constipation? Add These Five Foods To Your Diet

A fibre-rich diet can help prevent constipation and improve digestion. Here are 5 foods you can add to your diet to prevent constipation.

Suffering From Constipation? Add These Five Foods To Your Diet

A fibre-rich diet can help prevent and treat constipation


  1. Unhealthy diet can lead to constipation
  2. Adding fibre to diet can prevent constipation
  3. Adding apples to diet is an effective remedy for constipation

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shared a post on Instagram detailing the list of foods to include in our diet, especially when suffering from constipation. Constipation occurs when bowel movements occur less than three times a week. The most common symptoms for constipation are usually hard and dry stool, painful bowel movement and difficulty in passing stool. In many, this is also often accompanied by a lingering feeling afterwards that you have not fully emptied your bowels. If these symptoms apply to you, Nmami's post is a must-see. In the caption, she wrote, “Constipation is a prevalent health condition that affects many people worldwide. Include these 5 foods in your diet for smoother bowel movements and bid adieu to constipation.”

5 foods suggested by Nmami Agarwal that can help combat constipation are:

1) Prunes

Prunes are essentially dried plums. Eating them as it is or drinking prune juice acts as a natural laxative. Prunes are a rich source of soluble fibre that is absorbed by the body. They also have a high sorbitol content which is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol, found in fruits and plants. Sorbitol acts as a natural laxative regulating bowel movements. 

2) Apples

Apples have high fibre and fructose content that improve digestion. Apples also have a high water content which helps ease bowel movements and prevent constipation. The skin of apples contains the most fibre so avoid peeling off the skin while consuming the fruit. 

3) Figs

Both ripe figs as well as dried figs are loaded with fibre and are believed to provide immediate relief from constipation. They are also a rich source of vitamin B6 that can ease digestion and nourish the intestines. 


Constipation home remedies: Add figs to your diet to prevent constipation
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4) Wheat Bran

Wheat bran is the outer shell or the husk of the wheat plant. It is a rich source of fibre that helps relieve constipation by increasing bowel frequency and improving stool volume. 

5) Flaxseed

Flaxseed contains both soluble as well as insoluble fibre. Eating a tablespoon of flaxseed every day can ensure good digestion as well as regulate bowel movements. Flaxseed is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. 

Watch the video here.

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