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Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil You Simply Cannot Miss

Nutritionist Dr Ritika Samaddar says that you can use coconut oil as a combination with other oils in order to obtain all essential fatty acids.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil You Simply Cannot Miss

Coconut oil is good for heart health


  1. Coconut oil can help in reducing belly fat
  2. It increases good cholesterol in the body
  3. It is good for skin and hair

Choosing the right cooking oil for your health might be confusing. Nutritionists recommend that we should change our cooking oil from time to time in order to get obtain all essential fatty acids. Of the many varieties of oil that are available, including rice bran oil and olive oil, coconut oil is a variant which is often hailed as quite healthy. It is made up of a combination of fatty acids which have positive impact on your health. Fats in coconut oil are known as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which means that its fatty acids are shorter than other fats.

coconut oil

Coconut oil is easy to digest
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We spoke to nutritionist Dr Ritika Samaddar about coconut oil. She says that while coconut oil can be healthy, but that doesn't imply that coconut oil is healthy for everyone. "Coconut oil is considered healthy because it has medium chain fatty acids. It helps in digestion among people who face problems with absorption of fat in the body. Coconut oil is beneficial for health because it is easier to absorb," she says.

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However, she stresses on the point that coconut oil is not something on which everyone can rely. "Just like any other oil, coconut oil too is high on calories. It is also a source of saturated fat. If you are not exercising regularly, then even coconut oil will not be beneficial for your health," adds Dr Ritika.

Speaking on the ways in which you can include coconut oil in your diet, she says that edible coconut oil is easily available in the markets these days. "Edible coconut oil is odourless and can be used for normal cooking. You can use it along with other oils. Eating too much of saturated fats can lead to cardiac diseases and other health problems," she says.

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On being asked about which kind of oil is most healthy for the body, Dr Ritika seconds the idea of changing oils regularly in order to get all essential fatty acids. "Ideally our body needs all kinds of saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. We need them oils in the ratio of 1:1:1. There is no oil which consists all of them in an ideal combination. Hence having all of them will be beneficial for the body," she explains.

Nonetheless, there are some benefits of including coconut oil which you simply cannot miss. Keep reading to know about them:

1. Coconut oil is good for skin and hair

Coconut oil is an age-old effective home remedy for healthy skin and hair. It can be used as an effective treatment for dry skin. It helps in improving moisture levels in skin. It can offer effective protection against hair damage.


Coconut oil is good for skin and hair
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2. It can trigger the process of burning fat

People who are obese can benefit by switching to coconut oil as a healthier alternative. MCTs in coconut oil can increase the number of calories that you burn.


Coconut oil can help in weight loss
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3. It can increase HDL cholesterol

Coconut oil can help in increasing levels of HDL (good) cholesterol in the body. Saturated fats in coconut oil can reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol in a lesser harmful form. Thus, coconut oil can be beneficial for heart health.

4. It can reduce your hunger

Fatty acids in coconut oil can contribute to reducing your hunger. This is because fats in coconuts are metabolised in the form of ketones, which can have appetite reducing effect on the body.

5. Coconut oil can help in fat loss

Since coconut oil helps in reducing appetite and burning fat, it can help in fat and weight loss as well. It can especially help in reducing the very tedious belly fat - which increases risks of various diseases. Studies say that including coconut oil in your diet daily can help in reducing body mass index and waist circumference.

belly fat

Coconut oil can help in reducing belly fat
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While it is still high in calories, replacing your cooking oil with coconut oil can be beneficial for those on a weight loss regime.

(Dr Ritika Samaddar is chief nutritionist at Max Hospital Saket in Delhi)

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