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Hair Care Tips: Boost Your Hair Health With These Tips This Winter

Just like your skin, your hair needs shield too from the harsh weather to endure smoothness and softness. Protect your locks from cold air, static electricity, thrashing winds and even the indoor heat.

Hair Care Tips: Boost Your Hair Health With These Tips This Winter

Follow these hair care tips this winter season


  1. Wash your hair regularly during winter season
  2. Dandruff is a common issue during winter season
  3. Do not skip oiling during winter season

Winters is the time of extreme temperature i.e. cold weather which results in dryness. This large weather change causes damage not only to your skin but also your hair. This weather leaves a harsh effect on all the hair textures. Just like your skin, your hair needs shield too from harsh weather to endure smoothness and softness. Protect your locks from cold air, static electricity, thrashing winds and even the indoor heat. So, if you want to have lovely tresses to show off know the reason behind it and follow these tips this winter!

What are the things that can damage and what all you should take care about?

  • Extreme dryness
  • Increase in intake of beverages
  • Artificial heating

Hair care tips you must follow this winter season

1. Wash your hair

During winters always keep in mind to wash your hair minimum 2-3 times a week. This habit will help you to protect your hair from the harsh cold weather and also prevent your hair from drying out too much and keep it smooth and healthy.


Do not wash your hair daily to avoid dryness
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2. Use Luke warm water

In winters, everyone generally likes bathing with high temperature water as it gives us a relaxed feeling. Therefore, you turn the temperature of the water up. But always keep in mind not to use extreme hot water for your hair. It is tempting to do that but it's not good for your hair and scalp as well. It dries your hair and also damages the skin of your scalp which are usually very sensitive during this season. Thus use Luke warm water if not normal temperature water.

3. Condition your hair

Make sure you use creamy conditioner during winter which conditions your hair properly and provides your hair moisture that they require during this season. Keep in mind to apply the conditioner on your hair and have it for a little longer than general time as it's damaged and dry. Also, do not skip this step as it locks the moisture of your hair which is very essential during this season.

4. Use serums on scalp

Post conditioning you should always apply a protective serum. Not just on the hair but also on the scalp. There are a lot of medicated serums that are made just for your scalp which not just locks the moisture of the flicks but also the scalp. It is very essential for you to apply serum on the scalp as that is the place from where the health of the hair is protected. You can skip applying it on your hair but not the scalp. Do consult your dermatologist before selecting the medicated serum as every hair story is different.


Use serum to give proper nourishment to your hair and scalp
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5. Avoid dryers at extreme hot temperature

Avoid using dryer at the extreme hot temperature instead use air drying mode that are generally available in the dryers these days. Using dryer at extreme hot temperature can harm your hair by drying it too much resulting in breakage of hair and split ends. Keep in mind preferably not to use these dryers and as an alternative dry your hair with some cotton cloth or t-shirts.

6. Cover your hair with scarf

During winters there are a lot of elements that can affect the health of your hair. So to protect your hair try and cover it using a cotton scarf or a hat while travelling. This can help your hair from getting damaged from the unwanted elements out there. Also, keep in mind not tie the scarf very tightly as it can limit the circulation in the scalp. Remember, not to use any woolen or silk scarf as they damage your hair by generating electrostatic friction which can charge the hair and lead to damage.

Quick Tips:

  • Avoid ammonia rich hair colors during winters as it can take away the moisture of your hair and leave it to be dry or as an alternative use organic moisture rich colors and condition your hair properly.
  • If you have any itching sensation or white flakes, you must contact your doctor. This could be dandruff and also can be a fungal infection. If dandruff stays in for a long time it can also lead to hair fall which is the major reason of hair fall during winter.

(Dr. Prerna Taneja, Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology (FMC), BDS, MDS -Oral Medicine and Radiology)

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