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Hair Care: Spinach For Hair Growth; Here's How It Works

Hair care: A healthy diet can help you beat hair problems. Spinach can offer essential nutrients that can help in hair growth. Read here to know how to consume spinach for flawless hair.

Hair Care: Spinach For Hair Growth; Heres How It Works

Hair care: Spinach is loaded with iron that can promote hair growth


  1. Spinach is loaded with essential vitamins
  2. A boiled cup of spinach can help n weight loss
  3. Boost your hair health with spinach

Spinach is a super healthy green leafy vegetable. It is advised to make leafy greens an essential part of your diet. It is loaded with essential nutrients that your body needs. Spinach is one of the healthiest leafy greens. Spinach contains fewer calories and more fibre. It can help in weight loss too. It is power-packed with iron, magnesium, potassium, folate, protein and essential vitamins. Spinach is also good for your hair. If you are struggling with hair problems, you need to consume a healthy diet. Proper intake of nutrients ensures better hair health. Here's the relation between spinach and hair health.

Hair care tips: Spinach to control hair problems

The presence of iron in spinach plays a role in boosting hair health. Iron helps in maintaining good health of red blood cells. This can boost scalp health resulting in better hair growth. Iron deficiency can also contribute to hair fall. Magnesium, zinc and folate in spinach also play a role. Spinach also contains a good amount of vitamin A which promotes hair growth.

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Fibre in spinach can help in weight loss
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How to consume spinach?

Spinach can be added to your diet in different ways. Here are some interesting ideas you must know.

1. Spinach smoothie is a tasty delight loaded with the goodness of this leafy green. You can add different fruits like papaya and banana to this smoothie. These fruits also support hair growth.


Enjoy spinach smoothie for breakfast and enjoy the amazing health benefits it offers
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2. A cup of boiled spinach can be a perfect snack. It will also promote weight loss. Enjoy a cup of spinach as an evening snack. Beat hunger pangs and receive plenty of nutrients with this snack.

3. Spinach can be added to a variety of recipes. It can be a part of your salads, pasta or curry.

4. Spinach essential oil is also available that can be mixed with a carrier oil for massage.

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