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Hair Care: Know The Adverse Effects Of Hair Colouring From Expert

Hair care: Colouring your hair may lead to certain side-effects. Here are some of these you need to know from dermatologist.

Hair Care: Know The Adverse Effects Of Hair Colouring From Expert

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  1. Hair colours are generally loaded with chemicals
  2. You may experience hair fall after colouring your hair
  3. Colouring your hair may lead to tangled hair

Hair colour is one of the trends that many follow to give a change to their overall look. It is an intensive process which includes several steps and extra care. But are you aware of the side effects of colouring your hair? You might not know what actually happens to your hair while dying them. Most of these colouring processes include use of chemical that can harm your hair health. So, if you are planning to get your hair coloured, here are some side-effects you must be aware of.

Haircare: The effects of hair colouring

Dr. Suyomi Shah took to Instagram to share what colouring can do to your hair. Here are some of the side effects she shared-

1. Irritation and allergies

The doctor explained that hair colour may contain ingredients that can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. The most common type of allergic reaction is Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) which can cause swelling, rashes and burning sensation. It is also a result of a tattoo in some cases.


The chemicals present in hair colours may lead to skin allergies
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2. Reduces hair strength

One of the ingredients used in hair colour is hydrogen peroxide which is extremely drying to your hair. The use of this is the reason why coloured hair has a straw-like texture. It also causes your hair to become brittle further leading to breakage.

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3. Hair loss

Coloured hair is more likely to break than normal, tells Dr. Su in her post. Your hair is held together by disulfide bonds which becomes weak when exposed to chemicals present in hair colour. This further leads to hair loss.

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4. May worsen asthma

The dermatologist further adds that most hair colouring products have ammonia as the main ingredient. This is harmful to your eyes, lungs and respiratory health. It can be quite troublesome for people with asthma and breathing problems.

(Dr Suyomi Shah also known as Dr. Su is a M.D. Dermatologist & a Certified Trichologist (IAT Australia)

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