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Hair Care: 7 Ways To Prevent Hair Damage After Hair Colour

Hair care tips: Got your hair coloured before the lockdown? You probably wouldn't have got any hair spas or hair treatments after that! Here are some tips to take care of coloured hair and prevent the damage caused by hair colouring.

Hair Care: 7 Ways To Prevent Hair Damage After Hair Colour

Hair care after hair colour: Avoid washing your hair too often after getting your hair coloured


  1. Trim hair regular after hair colour
  2. Wash your hair less often and use cool water for washing
  3. Invest in good colour-protecting products

Colouring hair can indeed by an exciting change. It can do a lot in terms of improving your personality and giving you a completely new appearance. However, hair colouring comes with its own set of side effects and hair damage. No matter how natural hair colour companies claim their products to be, their products contain harmful chemicals that have the potential to cause unprecedented damage to hair. This is the reason why it is recommended to take extra care of your hair after getting them coloured.

Tips to take care of hair damage caused by hair colour

1. Keep hair well-nourished

To prevent damage after hair colour, the best thing to do is keep your hair well-nourished. Take you oiling game a notch higher at least two months before you plan on getting your hair coloured. Avoid heat treatments and get your hair trimmed regularly.

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2. Ensure you get good quality hair colour and the appropriate developer

To avoid excess hair damage, it is important that you get hair coloured with good quality hair colour and hair dye. If you are applying bleach, make sure you get the right developer. If you have slightly light brown hair, that you need a light developer and so on.

3. Wash your hair less often

Once you have got your hair coloured, make sure you wait for at least 2-3 days before washing them again. The colour needs time to set in. Oil your hair before getting the next hair wash.


Wash your hair less often after getting your hair coloured
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4. Trim hair regularly

One effective way of making your hair look healthy is by getting them trimmed regularly. Damage after hair colouring is inevitable. Regular trimming prevents or reduces the severity of this damage.

5. Invest in good colour-protecting products

These products help in forming a protective layer over the hair shaft. Buy sulphate-free shampoos for cooler shades. These shampoos do not strip away natural oils of hair.

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6. Wash hair less frequently and wash only with cool water

To enable the colour to stay for longer on your hair, wash your hair less often. Also, always wash hair with cool water to prevent loss of moisture and frizzy hair. Washing hair with warm water makes your hair more prone to hair damage and hair loss.

7. Avoid heat treatments

Styling with straighteners and curlers can cause considerable damage to hair. It is thus important that you cut down on heat styling tools once you have coloured your hair. Also avoid the use of hair dryers.

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