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Wash Your Hands Regularly To Stay Healthy

Global Hand Washing Day 2017: Wash your hands regularly, as often as possible and we'll explain it why you need to do so.

Wash Your Hands Regularly To Stay Healthy

Global Hand Washing Day 2017: Know why you need to wash hands regularly


  1. Washing hands regularly today will help in keeping us healthy tomorrow
  2. Global Hand Washing Day 2017 theme is -Our hands, our future-
  3. Wash your hands properly and you will not need antibacterial soaps

Germs are all around us, in every place, on every surface and even in the air you breathe. Now it is practically not possible to keep every nook and corner of your house and everything around you clean and shiny at all times. But there surely is one thing you can do to curb all this, washing hands regularly. This is something you were asked to do throughout the day as often as possible. This is because your hands carry those germs with you at all times. So you should rid yourself with those unwanted parasites as often as possible. This Global Hand Washing Day, keeping the theme "Our hands, our future" let's learn how washing hands regularly today will help in keeping us healthy tomorrow.

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Every day you touch the doorknobs, your pet, tables, chairs, bottles and what not. Apparently they are all clean, but unknowingly you carry a whole lot of germs on your hands. And with the same you eat, touch your eyes, skin and all other body parts, hence spreading the parasites to every possible place and threaten your health with your own hands. To begin with, understand how many times a day you need to wash your hands to keep healthy. As many times as possible!

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You should wash your hands before and after the following.

1. Preparing or eating food and beverages

2. Feeding a child

3. Giving or applying medication on cuts or scrapes or scars on your skin.

4. Playing in water, used by one or more children.

5. Using the toilet

6. Changing a baby's diaper

7. Handling garbage

8. Playing outside in the sand or any place for that matter

9. Handling body fluids like vomit or mucus or blood or sneeze

10. Touching animals and cleaning their waste

global hand washing day 2017

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Washing hands after all these are very important for your own health. Now that you know how often and after which activities you need to wash your hands, it's time to learn how to wash hands.

 Yes, there is a proper way of doing it.

1. Firstly, wet your hands.

2. Now take a soap or liquid hand wash and rub it properly on your hands, fingers, between the fingers and also on your nails. Wash thoroughly for 20 seconds.

3. Rinse well

4. Dry your hands with a paper towel and clean the tap with a paper towel.

As long as you are washing your hands properly, there is no need for an antibacterial soap. This Global Hand Washing Day, keep yourself healthy by keeping your hands clean at all times and in all possible ways.

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Happy Global Hand Washing Day!


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