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Working From Home? Try These 3 Stretches To Give Your Body The Required Break

The expert said that the stretching exercises were not only good for your legs, back, shoulders and arms but also helped in proper digestion.

Working From Home? Try These 3 Stretches To Give Your Body The Required Break

Work from home: Sitting all day can lead to several side effects


  1. Take frequents breaks while working from home
  2. Eat healthy snacks to beat hunger pangs during work from home
  3. Do simple stretches to avoid back and neck pain

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has kept us indoors for a large part of the last 18 months. With the lockdown came hectic work-from-home (WFH) routines that force us to stay glued to our desks and computers for long hours at a stretch. While experts have recommended periodic breaks from work to walk around and stretch the body, a large part of the population does not get the time to indulge in such healthy practices. But now celebrity fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar has come up with a set of three simple stretching exercises that you can do on a workday, all while sitting on a chair.

Work from home: Take a break with these three stretches

Sharing a video on Instagram, Rujuta said that the first few steps involve shutting your laptop, turning the chair away from the desk and sitting on it while looking ahead. This is important, she says, as you have not looked at anything except a screen for hours. Explaining further, Rujuta wrote in the caption, “3 easy stretches to break your sitting” and demonstrated the simple stretches. 

1.Take your arms up. Ensure that you are not pushing your stomach in front. You need to tuck your stomach in and thrust you back in front. Don't raise your shoulders. Extend your arms and wrists.  

Now, look straight and bring your arms downwards on either side. Spread your legs on either side of the chair. Take your arms up once again and bend forward. When you bend forward ensure that your hip is not rising. Now, squeeze your shoulder blade and take your arms backwards.

If possible, hold the back of your chair and stretch. While stretching, open your chest and keep your chest and chin raised. Hold this position for five counts. Slowly come back to your original positions and relax.

2. In the second stretch, spread your legs on either side of the chair and try to push the knee backwards. “Many women are experiencing period issues, leg cramps etc due to work from home. It is important to ensure that your thighs remain strong,” she said.

Hold the position for 5 counts.

3. If you find this difficult, Rujuta suggested that you can sit facing the back of the chair. In this position, the edges of the chair can be used to push the inner thighs outwards. Hold the back of the chair, roll your shoulder backwards and lift the chest and open it. Hold the position for 5 counts.  

Watch the demonstration here:

What are you waiting for? Go try these and counter the side effects of prolonged sitting.

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