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Festive Season: Superfoods To Cure Post-Diwali Bloating

Bloating: In this article, we list superfoods you should add to your diet post-Diwali to overcome Diwali-binge issues.

Festive Season: Superfoods To Cure Post-Diwali Bloating

Post-Diwali: Probiotics have also been demonstrated to lessen stomach bloating

Diwali celebrations often lead to overindulging in sweets and fried foods. Along we this, we often end up skipping our daily workouts. All of these factors can lead to weight gain, acne, heartburn, and many other issues. One such issue is bloating. Bloating causes us to look heavier and can cause gas and various other bowel issues.

All of these bowel issues can be cured by making the right lifestyle and dietary choices. Superfoods in particular provide us with a variety of benefits. These foods are rich in nutrients and improve our overall health. In this article, we list superfoods you should add to your diet post-Diwali to overcome Diwali-binge issues.

Add these superfoods to your diet to cure your post-Diwali bloating: 

1. Ginger

The herb ginger is widely known for its capacity to ease stomach discomfort. For instance, according to some studies, ginger may accelerate stomach emptying to reduce bloating and fullness symptoms. Furthermore, it includes an enzyme called zingibain that aids in the more effective breakdown of protein to promote good digestion.

2. Beetroot

Another item high in potassium is beetroot, which helps reduce bloating by balancing your body's salt levels. Compared to a medium banana, one cup of beets actually offers more potassium, fibre, and protein.

3. Bananas

The primary component of this low-maintenance diet that helps with bloat is potassium. Your body is likely to retain water as a result of your excessive salt intake. Foods that are high in potassium aid in the removal of salt and water. Bananas and other potassium-rich meals should be consumed often to aid with bloating.

4. Curd

Curd is abundant in various good bacteria as it is a probiotic. These probiotics are essential for maintaining intestinal health. Probiotics may increase stool frequency and consistency to encourage regularity, according to certain studies. Probiotics have also been demonstrated to lessen stomach bloating and distension brought on by ailments like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and so on.

5. Spinach

Spinach has really lived up to its title as a superfood by being rich in antioxidants that support the immune system and reduce inflammation. While eating spinach raw will provide you with the most fibre, boiling it will make it simpler to increase your consumption.

6. Lemons

Lemon juice helps ease bloating and other indigestion symptoms because it has an acidity that is quite comparable to the digestive fluids in the stomach. By regularly consuming lemon juice, you'll increase your hydration levels and acquire acids that will assist your GI tract function more quickly.

7. Green tea

One should drink green tea to remain hydrated and avoid fluid retention. It's packed with anti-inflammatory compounds including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which can combat dangerous free radicals. The addition of caffeine to green tea further decreases bloating by promoting digestive tract movement and acting as a natural laxative.

8. Cucumbers

Since cucumbers are mostly water, they are excellent for reducing bloating. Consuming meals high in water can help you keep hydrated and fulfill your daily fluid requirements. This could reduce bloating brought on by dehydration and prevent water retention.

These superfoods not only help reduce bloating but may also improve your digestion and boost weight loss.

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