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Explained: Acid Reflux And 4 Things To Avoid For Acidity

The heartburn you feel when you lie down immediately after eating a heavy meal is acid reflux. It can be dangerous for you and you can avoid it by removing some foods from your diet.

Explained: Acid Reflux And 4 Things To Avoid For Acidity

Some fatty foods can lead to acid reflux that causes heartburn and chest pain

Have you ever felt a burning pain rising slowly above from your stomach to your chest? Or felt like there's some sour acid at the back of your mouth? Chances are that you have, and this is a symptom of a condition called 'acid reflux'. Bloating, burping, nausea may all stem from this and make you feel squeamish. Acid reflux happens when acid produced by your stomach moves up to the esophagus, causing heartburn or chest pain. This pain could worsen when you lie down. If it happens repeatedly, you may have the acid or gastrophageal reflux disease.

Why does it happen?

Many things could trigger it but physically, this happens because your lower esophageal sphincter, a ring-like muscle at the entrance of your stomach stays open for too long or doesn't close properly, allowing acid to go above. This sphincter generally closes as soon as food comes into your stomach. Sometimes, it closing too soon can also lead to problems like the case of a stomach hole.

If you lie down immediately after having a heavy meal, or eat while sleeping then an acid reflux is likely to happen. Pregnant women, regular drinkers of carbonated drinks and overweight people are particularly at risk.

Problematic foods you should avoid eating

1. Chocolate

Unfortunately, chocolate is one of the biggest causes of acid reflux. This is because chocolates are high in caffeine, cocoa and fat, all of which induce heartburn.


While dark chocolate has many health benefits, the caffeine in it can lead to acid reflux
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2. Full-fat dairy products

While high fat dairy is good for some health conditions, if you generously use full fat cheese and butter with your food, acid reflux is bound to follow.

3. Fried food

The oil and fat in foods like french fries and other deep fried snacks are a leading cause for acid reflux.

4. Aerated drinks

Carbonated beverages like Coke and Diet Pepsi have bubbles of carbonation that expand inside the stomach, building up pressure for the acid to move out and cause a reflux. If the drink is very highly aerated and even if the reflux doesn't happen because the sphincter closes, results could be deadly.

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Ginger and egg whites are good options to ease pain that is stemming from acid reflux. Also, avoid eating your dinner or anything else right before bedtime to save yourself from an acid reflux. 

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