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Eczema Flare Up Triggers You Must Avoid

As a skin condition, eczema can be triggered by some of the most common things in our surroundings. Read more to know about these eczema triggers you didn't know were around you.

Eczema Flare Up Triggers You Must Avoid

Some eczema triggers can be hereditary while others our environmental.


  1. People with eczema can experience numerous food allergies.
  2. Air freshners, perfumes and scented candles are common eczema triggers.
  3. People suffering from eczema should avoid using hot water for bathing.

An irritable skin condition like eczema can be triggered because of numerous allergies. It is a condition which is most common among children younger than 2 and can even happen to adults. Some of these triggers can be hereditary while others are environmental. There are also numerous food allergies that people with eczema can experience. Cow's milk, eggs, soy, nuts, and fish are some of the most common foods associated with eczema. Read more to explore other eczema triggers you must avoid:

Some chemicals

Sometimes while cleaning, the skin might turn red or itchy because of chemicals used in cleaning liquids. Hence make sure you wear cotton gloves while cleaning. Also avoid products like air fresheners, perfumes, and scented candles.

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Hot water for bathing

People suffering from eczema should avoid using hot water for bathing or even washing face or hands. Keep the water lukewarm or cool and apply skin lotion immediately after washing to keep skin moisturized.

Some clothes

Wearing loose and skin-friendly cotton clothes are the best choice for those who have eczema. Fabrics like synthetic, polyester, nylon etc can cause irritability to the skin. Also, wash new clothes before you wear them for the first time.

Choose the right detergent/soap

Choose gentle detergents and baby soaps. Avoid using fabric softeners and scented dryer sheets. Use mild soaps or shower gels for bathing. Also, prefer fragrance-free ph-neutral shampoos.

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Stress is known to make eczema worse. Stress hormones tend to cause inflammation and irritability to the skin. Try relaxation methods like yoga and meditation which are excellent stress busters.


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While exercising and sweating it out at the gym makes you feel fit and relieves stress, the sweat might not be so good for your skin. In order to avoid unwanted skin reactions, hydrate yourself regularly while working out.


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