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Did You Know How Much Sugar You Consume With A Small Glass Of Fruit Juice?

Think that glass of fruit juice comes with no added sugar and preservatives? This will surprise you! Wellness expert and nutritionist Dr Siddhant Bhargava gives an in-depth analysis on why eating fruits is way better than drinking fruit juices.

Did You Know How Much Sugar You Consume With A Small Glass Of Fruit Juice?

Yes, drinking fruit juices will give you more sugar than you think. Read here to know


  1. Eating one orange is better than drinking a glass of orange juice
  2. The latter will lack the fibre of orange and will also be high in sugar
  3. Drinking fruit juice cannot be considered healthy

Nutritionists and health experts are of the belief that eating whole fruits is better than drinking fruit juices. Juicing fruits robs them of their fibre. What's more, a glass of fruit juice will give you way more sugar than a single fruit. Dr Siddhant Bhargava, a food, lifestyle and wellness expert, recently explained how having fruit juice is worse than eating fruits, especially if you're looking to lose weight or manage blood sugars. In his Instagram story, Dr Bhargava was seen having a bottle of packaged orange juice.

Apart from revealing the truth about packaged fruit juices, no matter which brand you take them from, he also explained how to read food labels properly.

Why eating fruits is better than juicing them

Oranges are known to be a rich source of vitamin c and antioxidants. But will drinking a glass of orange juice or having packaged orange juices provide you with the same nutrients?

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Most packaged juices often come with the disclaimer that you need to consume them within three days of opening the bottle or the carton. Once you open a bottle of juice, it is likely to get oxidised on getting exposed to the free radicals in the environment. "This is why a packaged fruit juice should be consumed within three days," he says.

Now, for a 250 ml serving size of fruit juice brand claims to have no perseverative and no added sugar in its label. At the same time, it also says that the 250 ml serving size has 27 gm carbs or simple sugar, and just 1 gm of fibre.


Always opt for eating fruits instead of juicing them
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One whole fruit is going to have much more fibre than the said orange juice. "One whole fruit may have around 20 gm fibre and 25 gm sugar. This means that the glycaemic index of the fruit is going to be much less when absorbed by the body. It would result in a slower and probably lesser spike in blood sugar," Dr Bhargava explains.

In the case of 250 ml fruit juice which says 27 gms carbs or simple sugar, it is equal to 5 tsp of sugar. "Yes, it will be a combination of fructose and glucose but that doesn't make a difference. But even with the label claiming no added sugar, that packaged fruit juice will give 27 gms of sugar, which is equal to 5 tsp of sugar in one serving," he alerts.

A simple way to measure is to see how many tsp of sugar do you add to a cup of tea... we bet its not more than 2 tsp.

Having said that, yes eating a fruit will also result in intake of sugar, but the fibre which is present in the fruit will reduce its glycaemic index, when it is absorbed by the body. Also you will get all the vitamins and minerals present in fruits.

So, the next time you reach out for a glass of fruit juice thinking that its healthy, think again!

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(Dr Siddhant Bhargava, MBBS, Food, Lifestyle, Wellness)

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