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Suffering From Constipation? Know The Common Causes And Ways Of Managing It

A post by nutritionist Lovneet Batra "Nutrition by Lovneet" reveals the possible causes behind constipation and what all can be done to deal with it.

Suffering From Constipation? Know The Common Causes And Ways Of Managing It

Consume fibre-rich food items that ensure smooth bowel movements

Constipation is a common health issue these days. It is the condition where the bowel movements are irregular and hard or difficult to pass. And, this could be a troublesome experience. It can make you feel dull and sick throughout the day. But do you know what may give rise to constipation? A post on the page "Nutrition by Lovneet" has revealed the possible causes of constipation. Well, it doesn't end here. The page has also listed tips to manage it. If you are someone who is facing it already, read this to understand the problem better.  

If you are feeling constipated, these could be the possible reasons behind it:

1) Low-fibre diet: We have always been encouraged to consume fibre-rich food items that ultimately, ensure smooth bowel movements. But if you are on a low-fibre diet, be careful, maybe that is the reason.

2) Sedentary lifestyle: If you don't do enough physical movements or don't exercise, there are chances that you may get constipated.

3) Resisting the urge to have bowel movements: This could definitely lead to constipation. You may have noticed that if you resist emptying the bowels, the urge eventually goes away and you don't feel the need to go anymore.

4) Dehydration: Water plays a major role in removing unwanted materials from the body through the process of defecation. But, if you are dehydrated, you may get constipated.

5) A diet heavy in dairy products or processed foods: Some people may get constipation due to a heavy diet loaded with dairy products or processed food items.

6) Too much alcohol or caffeine: Excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine may also cause constipation.

7) Hypothyroidism: This condition may also give rise to constipation.

8) Anxiety and Depression: Sometimes, mental health affects your body in many ways and constipation could be one.

9) Painkillers, Antacids, Iron supplements: Some medicines like painkillers, antacids or iron supplements could also be the reason behind it.

10) Problems with nerves and muscles in your digestive system: The last step of digestion is the removal of unwanted elements from the body. However, if something goes wrong with that, it's evident that it may provide obstacles in the process further.  

How do you manage constipation?

1) Fruits and vegetables: Include at least two servings of fruits and about five servings of vegetables in your diet daily. 

2) Drink water: Make sure you consume plenty of water to remain hydrated all through.

3) Exercise: Try to stay active to remain in a good shape and tackle conditions like constipation.

4) Sleep hygiene: Maintain regular sleep timings and establish a bathroom routine for yourself.

5) Limit stress: At times, it could be difficult but still, try to live a stress-free life.

Take a look:

So, we hope now you are armed with a better understanding of constipation.

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